Go after the ruthless criminals, not law-abiding citizens – Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce

Former Miss India Worldwide, Alana Seebarran

The Crime situation in Berbice and Guyana as a whole is out of control, and the law enforcement authorities must pursue the ruthless criminals carrying out these activities instead of going after law-abiding citizens, this is the view of the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) in Berbice.

In a media statement issued this morning, the CCCC noted that hardworking citizens are killed in their homes without seemingly any protection from the authorities, “while the Minister of Public Security and the government as a whole, seem impotent to arrest the situation”.

“It is indeed a travesty that the army intelligence officers are pursuing law abiding citizens in movie type chases instead of these criminals. Let the army put under surveillance known criminals and help the police to bring some semblance of order to this country”, the statement added.

Yesterday, former beauty queen Alana Seebarran, in a statement to the Guyana Police Force (GPF), outlined her shocking and harrowing experience of being mistakenly pursued by car during a high-speed chase through the streets of Georgetown by the now dead army intelligence officer, Robert Pyle.

Inews obtained a copy of the statement that Alana gave to the police, the full (unedited) version of which has been published on this site.

It should be noted that Alana Seebarran is the wife of opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament and Attorney-at-Law, Charles Ramson Jnr.

Former beauty queen, Alana Seebarran
Former beauty queen, Alana Seebarran

In her statement to the Police Criminal Investigation Department, Alana recalled that on the evening of December 30, she and her brother Raymond Seebaran visited her Lot 116-117 Cowan Street, Kingston home to pick up supplies for her young baby, when the ordeal began unfolding.
She said upon arrival at her home about 20:30hrs there was no vehicle or persons in the vicinity, but upon exit she observed two men in the middle of the road, dressed in plain clothes and looking in the direction of her home.

The former Miss India Worldwide said she became nervous and she along with her brother proceeded quickly to lock the gate and headed to their vehicle, when one of the men on his cellular phone was saying, “they coming out now… they coming out now”.

Alana said as they approached their vehicle, one of the men who remains unknown to them said, “can I have a minute of your time?”

The mother of a young daughter said she became very concerned and nervous and urged her brother to enter the vehicle to which he complied.

She explained that the man walked towards the passenger side where she was seated and signalled her to lower the window. Her brother then lowered the window about two inches.
“The man did not show us any form of identification but mumbled he was from the Special Crime Organisation and that ‘we need you to wait… our boss is on his way.’ I became very scared as the man had no uniform, never stated his name nor did he show us any identification, so I told my brother to drive away,” Seebaran told investigators in her statement.

She noted, however, that her brother faced some difficulties in driving off as a white car came close behind theirs in an attempt to cut them off, but they eventually managed to elude the men and drove west on Cowan Street, by which time a silver car came into their path forcing them to stop.

“A man came out of the silver car and started to shout at us and bang on our vehicle’s bonnet with his hands. I started to scream for my brother to drive away and he found a small pathway between the trench on the southern side of the street and the parked silver car and drove away heading west on Cowan Street,” the young woman recalled.

She said fearful for their lives her brother began speeding as the two vehicles continued to follow them.
Alana recalled that as they proceeded east along Carifesta Avenue the two cars were still trailing their vehicle and she contacted her father via telephone who advised that they drive to Kitty Police Station.

She recalled that the white car at one point pulled alongside theirs in an attempt to cut them off, but was forced to abandon the manoeuver since there was another vehicle just in front of them.

“After we passed the car which was immediately in front of us, the white car moved towards the southern side of the carriageway and drove alongside us when I felt an impact on our vehicle in the vicinity of the right front wheel area and observed that the white vehicle then careened on the southern side of the carriageway when I heard what sounded like a loud collision. I was still scared and told brother not to stop and that we must go right away to the Kitty Police Station as my father suggested.”

The woman said they drove to the Kitty Police Station but after telling ranks there of their ordeal they were advised to drive to Alberttown, since the incident occurred in that police district.

Seebaran said while there a report was made and they were told by the ranks that “we were free to go home.”
Out of fear they asked that the sergeant escort them home, which he did.

Meanwhile, the CCCC is urging the Government to lobby for international assistance in the form of specialist personnel and modern technology in intelligence gathering and more advanced and innovative policing.

“We are not impressed by the President just dismissing the recent army action that resulted in three deaths, we need an explanation why ordinary citizens were treated in this manner, especially given what we experienced in the seventies and eighties coupled with a recent announcement of the resuscitating of the People’s Militia”, the statement added.

“We would like to remind the Minister of his many calls whilst in opposition for the resignation of the then minister of home affairs for situations exactly like what we are facing. Whilst we are not asking for him to resign, we are demanding that they go after these ruthless killers and let them feel the consequence of their actions. Go in the villages and towns and dismantle the local drug networks. We need results and not more plans from the Government.” urged the CCCC.




  1. Another Roger Khan will not be the answer….think GUYANESE and work together to fight crime, which has NO face!

  2. Let it ripped Dk. Indians are too passive. They look pun the other one to make a move, then criticized him afterwards. AFRO-GUYANESE will fight for their wrongs but Indians will sit by and take it. I say enough is enough. You all have the money and the brains, rise up and fight or you all want another BURNHAM ERA.IT started already. Get organized, be smart, create small pockets of your own arm vigilante with some smart Indian patriot youth. You businessmen, come together, put some money together and get organized and moving before it’s too late. Use the system to your advantage.

  3. What can we say or do. These people are in office, they will not see anything of that justice for all ,voice of the people gone out of business since this government come to office no money for them now

  4. Majorities of the crime that are committed are committed by soldiers again like in the first PNC rule. The PNC has been operating a PHANTOM squad secretly, Robert Pyle suicide confirm it. Shame on the PNC and all who support the PNC!

  5. The Minister got duped in an elaborate scheme to put the PNC back in power. He is not in charge and is ashamed to say it. The Minister is hoping it will get better but it is now completely out of hand.
    Yo, Minister you are not the guy we knew from Cave Hill. Not at all.
    I guess you have a grand scheme for destruction and the victims are collateral damage. Have a nice day.

  6. Corentyne Chamber calls for army intel, foreign experts to assist “impotent” authorities in crime fight

    Posted by: Denis Chabrol in Crime, News, Politics January 9, 2016 13 Comments

    The Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce (CCC) Saturday called for foreign experts and the Intelligence Branch of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) to team up and help police go after criminals in Berbice where “ruthless killers” have been attacking residents.

    “Let the army put under surveillance known criminals and help the police to bring some semblance of order to this country,” said the business organization…

    Well bulshit crap never cease to amaze:::
    They asking for the GDF to help police catch criminals;;
    Under which rock these f….ing slime balls were living when GDF were helping police to catch criminals in Buxton ???
    The Corentyne Chamars should be made to answer that before they keep shitting on themselves.
    GDF was sent to watchman Brazzy house and Brazzy and he children-and end up at the wrong house chasing the wrong children causing the death of 3.-yes the same GDF these chamars calling on to help police..Where is GDF Harmon GDF Harmon gone into hiding? GDF Harmom gone into silent mode?? Maybe Nagababboomookriee should piss on he to wake he up and come talk to de press.

  7. Fully support DK, we are in a state of anarchy. People wake up and hit the streets of Georgetown, Berbice and Essequibo. No time to relax.

  8. Well where are the nemakaram indians that voted for these criminals — where is the outcry — These thugs will not stop killing us. Where are the so-called black ppl -those that say we must come together for the better of the country. What they really meant is that the blacks must come together to get rid of the indians–They are going full force ahead with their goal–look at the makeup of the police, GDF, the goverrnment ministries–now they attacking our business ppl — whats next.

  9. The crime spree will simmer only when another Roger Khan decided to take a stand and say Enough is Enough. Not that Rumjhaat. Yes, he is indeed impotent, blind, deaf and dumb

  10. The criminals have state protection as many come from within the police and defence force. (Some other blogger posted this comment earlier) How many have been caught already but nothing has been heard of since?

  11. This is what Nagamootoo had wanted all along,him and his buddy Rumjattan,what a shame ,Guyana has gone from bad to worst under this government and the Prime Minister of news paper have no say ,all the lies he and Jattan told us we were warned about,all they were concerned about is some power,dark days are ahead.

  12. Really scary.was any of this necessary ? Stop the nonsense and persue real criminals.Guyana is no longer safe for law abiding citizens.I am still asking the question what was the real motive of mr pile ? Is the flimsey excuse given by the police justifiable.? For me it leaves many unanswer questions and speculations.I clearly understand the fear this lady and her brother had gone through and hope no one else will have to go through it again. Clearly a case of Over stepping boundry and abuse of power .

  13. Exactly! Some moron compared this incident with the phantom gang going after Afro Guyanese. I recalled back when Leon Frasier and his boys were picking criminals off there was an out cry of extra-judicial killings. In fact Freddie Kissoon once remarked if they were kicking and harassing pregnant women and children then we would have reason to be concern. But the fact is they were going after criminals.

    Can anyone shed light on the criminal activities of this girl and her brother?

  14. Go after the ruthless criminals, not law-abiding citizens – Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce
    Yall stop talking trash now.
    Is yall place PNC and GDF in power:
    Yall cry to US about PPP corruption–Yall bibles were SN and KN and yall holy preachers were Cris Ram and Goolsaran..
    Yall tack wha yall get now..\
    You dont hear these invasions and killing in PNC strongholds do you?
    Yall should ask yall selves Y…
    Yall want the GDF rule yall get the GDF rule so live with it..
    PNC in power yall get killed raped robbed.
    PPP in power yall get killed raped and robbed.
    GDF now in power yall getting kill rape and rob.
    Yall must ask yall self Y.
    You dare not hear this on a massive scale in any PNC strongholds like its done in PPP strongholds.
    Yall out now to stop -think-scratch your heads and say Y.
    The only answer yall will come up with is -yall cause this upon yall selves because yall dont take to the streets to fight for your rightful rights.
    You better sit back and admire PNC —they not only fight for their rights but they fight like hell for their wrongs too.
    Take a hint from this–


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