GNRA continues West Indies Full Bore Championships

Ransford Goodluck
Ransford Goodluck

[]The Guyanese Rifle Team continued their preparation for the upcoming West Indies Full-bore Championship with a shoot last weekend.

Held over the 300, 600 and 900 ranges, the event saw the riflemen put into action their recently learned skills and tactics from British Coach Ian Shaw.

There were two possibles at the 300 range shot by Lennox Braithwaite (500.3) and Mahendra Persaud (50.5) followed by Ransford Goodluck (49.3) and Dylan Fields (49.1).

However, the 600 yards saw no shooter recording the highest score but Braithwaite, Goodluck and Fields shot 34 out of 35.

This intensity in the X-Class continued at the 900 yards range with Braithwaite and Goodluck shooting possibles of 35.3 and 35.4 respectively, followed by Persaud (33.2) and Fields (33.1).

In the final count in the X Class, Lennox Braithwaite won the Record Shoot with a score of 119.9V.

The O-Class shooters had a keenly contested shoot also with returning shooter Leo Ramalho leading at the first two ranges having shot 48.4 and 32.1 at the 300 and 600 ranges. Closely behind was Ryan Sampson shooting 47.3 and 30.0 at the 300 and 600 yards respectively.

With Ramalho’s three point lead after the 600, Ryan Sampson closed the gap with a 33. 1 at 900 compared to a 30. 0 from Ramalho.

Both shooters ended with similar aggregate scores but Ramalho (110.5) pipped Sampson (110.4) by one V-Bull to win the O’Class.

The National team continues their intense preparations next weekend at the Timehri Rifle Ranges while this weekend they will be having their annual fund raising bar on Vlissengen and Crown Streets.



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