“Give them equal time”; political activists protest NCN for airtime


By Jomo Paul

protest1[www.inewsguyana.com] – A small group of persons on Wednesday, April 29 mounted a protest in front of the National Communications Network (NCN) calling for the state run media entity to offer an equal amount of airtime to the Opposition side of the political aisle.

NCN is the only station that is available via the television or radio throughout the length and breadth of Guyana while other stations have limitation on their spectrum.

Organiser of the protest, Penda Guyan told iNews she believes that the modus operandi of NCN at present goes beyond what should be considered wrong.

“We are demanding of the National Communications Network that equal air time be given to all political parties, right now it seems that there is a monopoly in that they are only giving air time to the PPP/C,” said Guyan adding that “all parties must have airtime.”protest2 web

According to her, in a democratic society you cannot make an informed decision at the polls if you are unable to acknowledge the issues that are coming from all parties.

“I must hear all the views and issues and what they are planning for Guyana. We want the National Communications Network to understand that they have a mandate to all of Guyana…we want them to work according to their mandate,” she said.

“If we are going to have free and fair elections…we need all the views…the only views they are getting are those of the PPP/C…that’s not fair, it’s a monopoly,” the woman added.



  1. Who cut the budget?
    Who said NCN only deserve one dollar?
    Who cut the NCN budget?
    Why did the PNC/AFC said no money for NCN?
    Why are they in the street crying, mourning, and grumbling, and toiling around their mountain?
    Let the PNC continue to protest and picket!
    Let the PPP Government continue in Growth, Development, and Modernization!

  2. Oh please! !! You people always on the streets fighting for something. Get a frigging job. All that money A Pis Un U paying u all I hope it worth standing in d hot sun for all day. Good luck for any air time. None should be given. It will just be a waste of time anyway.

  3. It is a waste of time,to try to enlighten some people,they will never understand,never learn,especially when their puppetry is a haven of rest.They seem to relish things they really don`t comprehend,can`t think for themselves.A pathetic state of affairs.I hope they will wake up one day,aroused from their slumber,and eventually become the realist they ought to be.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  4. will ncn have to give equal air time to pnc & afc ?? dem said dem is one but operating as 2 …let we know who is boss even though we done know granger the danger to society seh he will sho em hu is boss

  5. The long suffering masses of Guyana are today the victims of a corrupt, morally bankrupt regime that parades itself in the name of social justice but it is anything but that. In many ways, the daily sufferings, trials and tribulations of my poor brothers and sisters be they Black, East Indian, Chinese, Portugese, Amerindian or mixed races are no different than what the American Negro had to endure during the Jim Crow period at the hands of a racist, unrepentant and merciless system of oppression, brutality and the denial of basic hum rights.

    The people of Guyana are merely pawns in the PPP despots game to gain wealth and power at all costs. Their selfish actions and behaviour knows no boundaries or no restraint and they seem absolutely hell bent on having their way and any one that dares to raise a voice in opposition is certainly shown the highway. They are a regime that has no qualms or consideration about the rights, pleas or cries of those that they oppressed and beaten into submission but – ‘I have seen the promised land where every person can realise their full worth as a human being and where an Indian boy and Black girl can find common ground to live together in peace and harmony with love and respect for each other for we are all God’s common creation’.

    What makes one human being superior lies not in the colour of his skin but in the pureness of his heart, his compassion for those that are less fortunate and his willingness to stand up to socio-economic injustices irrespective of the time and date at hand. Karma is what defines whom we are.

    I urge all my suffering brothers and sisters to join hands at the final APNU+AFC Rally and gladly rejoice in the singing of the famous song of social resistance which became the anthem of the US Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.
    Here are the words to “WE SHALL OVER COME”

    We shall overcome, We shall overcome
    We shall overcome someday
    Deep in my heart I do believe
    We shall overcome somedayWe shall live in peace, we shall live in peace
    We shall live in peace someday
    Deep in my heart I do believe
    We shall overcome somedayWe shall organize, we shall organize
    We shall organize today
    Deep in my heart I do believe
    We shall overcome somedayWe’ll walk hand in hand, we’ll walk hand in hand
    We’ll walk hand in hand someday
    Deep in my heart I do believe
    We shall overcome somedayWe are not afraid, we are not afraid
    We are not afraid today
    Deep in my heart I do believe
    We shall overcome someday

  6. People needs to understand that Guyana is like George Orwell,s.Animal Farm..where all animals are equal but some are more equal than some. Equal air time will never be given!!!!


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