PPP/C calls out APNU+AFC on ‘double talking’


By Radha Motielall

PPP Executive, Dr. Ashni Singh
PPP Executive, Dr. Ashni Singh

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is convinced that the “leaked” manifesto of the APNU+AFC coalition is legitimate.

At a press conference on Wednesday, April 29 to dissect the said document, the PPP sought to first give it legitimacy by stating that it was leaked to a credible media outlet by a member of the coalition.

In addition, the Party said several full page advertisements in the dailies are extracted from the said document, and opined that the only reason the Opposition screamed “leak” was because they are ashamed of the document.

What also convinced the PPP/C is the fact that Guyanese will go to the polls in less than two weeks, and the Opposition coalition is yet to unveil its “official” manifesto.

And so in analyzing the “leaked” version, PPP/C Executive, Dr. Ashni Singh said “nothing in the document can be believed and the APNU+AFC has no intention of implementing any of the initiatives outlined”.

He based this contention on what he said are several unreal promises, and proceeded to outline a few of those.

Dr. Singh pointed out that the opposition coalition, particularly the AFC faction and its lead candidate, Moses Nagamootoo have been touting this promise of reducing the powers of the president to voters across Guyana.

He noted however, that while Nagamotoo is trying to convince voters that David Granger will transfer certain presidential powers to him as the Prime Minister, Granger himself has remained mum on the issue.

Dr. Singh then read from The Guyana Review inserted in the Stabroek News, an excerpt which shows David Granger being pointedly asked about the reduction of presidential powers and responding by talking about education and national security, while avoiding an answer to the specific question. He surmised then that “clearly Mr. Granger has no intention of reducing any presidential powers because when asked about it, he goes off and speak about education and national security and deliberately side steps the matter of presidential powers, while Mr. Nagamootoo going around saying publicly to the people of Guyana that Mr. Granger intends to hand over presidential powers to the prime minister.”

The Finance Minister said while the APNU-AFC claims support for the sugar industry, their “leaked” manifesto states that the coalition believes that the sugar cane fields are tailor made for aquaculture and that the farming of tilapias is proving to be very lucrative.

In view of this Dr. Singh is calling on the coalition to be definitive on whether they believe that the fields will be used for cane or fish. He meanwhile, suggested that the APNU+AFC themselves don’t even know what they mean, adding that “I don’t believe that up to now they have reached agreement on a simple matter of the role of the president , that is why they can’t come out with an official document”.

He said the coalition is just using glib words and goodies with fanciful comments on things they have neither intention nor capability of delivering.




  1. ow man yall ent know pnc yet…demsen out feeders…like play dead leh awe see wha funeral awe go geh..its leaked arite…but its real..see how granger promised the people of bartica that there will be no mo massacre when he is president..read between the lines…no such promise at lusignan…those who have bad dogs know they can call it off at the snap of a finger..

  2. Power hungry Naga have to watch his back coz he gonna get kick so hard in his ass he will never be able to sit down again. Like I said in a circus of fools you always have a side kick. Lmfao. The colation is made up of nothing less than old, washed up, no good, worn out fools.

  3. I’m surprised that the PPP took so long to publish their manifesto. After all, they just had to cut and paste from 2011 and other previous manifestos. But indeed the coalition is taking a bit long to publish their ‘official’ manifesto. But even the leaked draft manifesto contains 80% more innovative plans than that of the PPPC.

  4. I believe,the PPP/C`s manifesto has nothing of value in it,which indicates it is filled with empty promises as usual that should not be taken seriously by any right thinking Guyanese.Why are they so much concerned about the coalition`s manifesto?is it because of the quality and not quantity of it?it is for them to think about.There is no other party that double talks like the PPP/C.Anyway,IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  5. Who gives a rat`s tail about manifestos? They`re just wish lists.How much / many from your previous manifestos have been achieved? Recall Burnham`s “Feed, Clothes and House Yourselves by 1976”? Now that`s a manifesto!

  6. granger have not yet give his bride any dowrey (marital gift) this is y naga is worried he is hoping to get it com May 12,from behind . one kick in e ass.


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