GFS urges citizens to be vigilant, cautious with increased reports of grass fires


The Guyana Fire Service has been receiving a number of reports of grass fires, especially during this dry season, and as such, is imploring citizens to be vigilant and cautious.

Citizens are urged to desist from lighting grass or garbage fires at this time.

If these fires do occur, they should never be left unattended as they possess the potential to spread rapidly and become major fire emergencies.

Report all fires as soon as they occur to the Fire Service via our toll-free number 912. The GFS has also released several tips to control and prevent grass and garbage fires.

These include:

  • Desist from openly burning grass and garbage. Find other means of disposal and/or land clearing.
  • Never leave a grass or garbage fire unattended, these fires can quickly get out of control and spread rapidly.
  • Report large grass and garbage fires to the fire department immediately.
  • Do not throw cigarette or cigar butts on the ground or out of a vehicle. Dispose of them properly and make sure they are completely extinguished.
  • Be mindful of parking vehicles on dry grass or shrubs.
  • Educate children about the dangers of playing with fire.
  • Keep a shovel, bucket of water, fire extinguisher, or other fire suppression tools on hand.