GFF questions authenticity of Persaud’s resignation demands; Persaud said he ‘hand delivered’ them

Vice President of GFF, Ivan Persaud.
Vice President of GFF, Ivan Persaud.

[]The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is examining the letters sent by its Vice President, Ivan Persaud calling for the resignation of the President, Christopher Matthias.

According to a press release from the federation late Thursday afternoon (February 6), they are unsure if the letters were Mr. Persaud’s doing.

The release stated, “Having examined the two documents within our possession, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is unable to ascertain, with any certainty, if Mr. Persaud is indeed the author of same.”

It went on to noted that “Notwithstanding the signature which appears on the documents, the grammar, vocabulary, and style of writing are not characteristic of Mr. Persaud”

According to the GFF, “Unless and until Mr. Persaud personally and publicly identifies with the selfsame documents, and provides specificity as to the contents therein, then and only then, would the GFF be able to provide an informed response.”

Meanwhile, when contacted by iNews, Persaud indicated that he hand delivered the letters to the Federation’s Secretary, Noel Adonis who signed for them.

GFF Secretary,Noel Adonis.
GFF Secretary,Noel Adonis.

Persaud told iNews that for too long politics has been ripping the sport apart.

The Federation’s General Secretary acknowledged the receipt of the letters from Mr. Persaud and indicated that he checked the contents of the letter in the presence of Persaud.

He also confirmed his signature. With this latest revelation, the sport of football seems to be embroiled in turmoil.

The resignation of Vice President Ralston Adams from his post coupled with the banning of another Vice President Collie Hercules leaves only Persaud and Matthias.

The reason behind Persaud’s call is being pedaled in the football circle as a personal one with Matthias.



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