Lennox Shuffler Volleyball set for Sunday

President of the Guyana Volleyball Federation, Lennox Shuffler.
President of the Guyana Volleyball Federation, Lennox Shuffler.

[www.inewsguyana.com]The Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) will this Sunday host their fourth annual Lennie Shuffler birthday festival.

The event which will be held at the National Gymnasium is set for a 09:00 start and will feature several matches.

The festival is open to all existing and emerging third-division teams across Guyana with competition expected in both male and female divisions.

There will also be an exhibition match between the reigning volleyball champs of region 4 and the fast rising Guyana Defence Force team.

Meanwhile, the event is also open to other athletes who are willing to form a team following the participation of other sport disciplines athletes, through previous editions.

The tournament is being held in honour of the long time enthusiast of the sport and current President of the GVF, Lennie Shuffler.

Shuffler, after being shown the game at an early age took a liking to the sport and eventually became a national player and then captain of the national team.
This year’s activity will be the last time he observes it as the President of the local body but it will continue in years to come. Shuffler is 62 years of age.




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