Georgetown gets a new Town Clerk

Royston King
Royston King

[] – Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and City Council, Royston King has been appointed as the Town Clerk in the municipality of Georgetown.

This comes after former Town Clerk Carol Sooba had her status revoked by Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan following a forced leave.

iNews was reliably informed that Bulkan issued a letter of appointment on Monday, July 13, officially informing King that he should take up duties on July 14.

City Mayor Hamilton Green had told reporters last Friday that a recommendation was made some time ago for “someone” to be appointed Town Clerk from the City Councillors.

In May of 2014, in the height of confusion, the city councillors had voted to have King appointed Town Clerk; however his appointed was later quashed by the acting Chief Justice Ian Chang.




  1. @ claudeston massiah well said…..and its also amazing how these Supporters of the last regime talking about misappropriation of publics funds by the only two month old Government.So funny….

  2. maharanee I suppose you would rather have that unqualified party hack carol sooba still functioning as TC. Of course all she was interested in was refurnishing her office to the tune of six figures while shutting out market vendors from City Hall even though the markets were falling apart. She did so much more to stand in the way of services for the citizens of Georgetown. To you and all those who would so much like to see the Mayor removed take the time to read up on a little civics lessons the Mayor was elected. If you wanted him out so badly you should have taken yourself up to freedumb house and remind the comrades to keep promises from 15 years ago to hold LGE.

  3. Get rid of this incompetent Mayor and his cronies. It’s now two pea in a pot. Nothing will get done.

  4. Maharanee opined that Royston King APP appointment as Town Clerk is political. I wish to remind him however that Mr King was recommended by the Public Service Commission Panel that interviewed all the applicants for this position sometime ago. He should also be reminded that Ms Sooba was ranked 3rd or below. It was the former Minister of Local Government that acted politically by appointing Sooba.

  5. Political appointment. This is Hamilton Green’s pick. The sloth and incompetence will continue and public funds will continue to go missing.


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