GECOM to train GPSU potential observers for E-Day  


GPSU[] – President and members of the Executive Council of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) were given a brief outline of the prerequisite principles and guidelines for local election observer status when the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) met with them on Friday April 10.  

GECOM’s Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally explained the importance of local observers paying strict heed to GECOM’s established terms of reference, so as to ensure that they operate in a professional manner within the spirit and letter of the principles and guidelines outlined in GECOM’s Observer Protocols. 

GECOM in a media statement issued on Monday, April 13, said it will be leading a training exercise with members of the GPSU on Friday, April 17, at the Union’s Headquarters on Regent Street.

The exercise will be done to ensure that the GPSU deploys observers on Election Day who have been properly trained to execute their task of election observation with the requisite efficiency and integrity.

GECOM also expects that by providing the necessary training in its election observation principles and guidelines, that it will receive positive and constructive feedback that can further help to improve Guyana’s electoral processes.

GECOM believes that as a consequence, the continuous development of Guyana’s democratic election culture will be further facilitated and enhanced.

GECOM’s Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally commended the GPSU for its initiative to become a local election observer of the May 11, General and Regional Elections and stated that free, fair, creditable and transparent elections are the hallmark of GECOM’s electoral management principles and best practices. And since observing elections is one of GPSU’s action priorities, GECOM is looking forward to a most rewarding working relationship with the Union. 





  1. Dr. Steve Surujbally, Are you recording the whole process? Would there be camera at every polling stations? You can install wireless hundred and eighty degrees camera at every polling stations. I strongly recommend the videoing of the entire Election. Remember Granger said “Nagamootoo cannot be trusted” While Ramjattan refer to Granger and PNC as “dead meat” Guyanese must not trust the PNC/AFC.


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