GECOM not doing enough to ensure ‘clean electioneering’ – iNews Poll


gecom[] – An iNews Poll has found that Guyanese do not believe that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is doing enough to ensure political parties engage in clean electioneering.

In response to the poll question: Is GECOM doing enough to ensure political parties and their supporters engage in clean electioneering? 26% of persons voted ‘yes’ while 71% voted ‘no’ and a mere 3% were undecided.

Political parties continue to come in for heavy criticism over their electioneering methods in the field which many believe is race baiting aimed about winning votes at the upcoming May 11, general & regional elections.

Calls have also been made by both the diplomatic and international communities for political leaders to use more polite and conducive language while campaigning.



  1. oh and this voting thing has nothing to do with race base voting..tell that to south africa if you will…in guyana some folks are taught that once you vote ppp you are a racist or uncle tom…but once you vote pnc you are a nationalist…

  2. be reminded that it was gecom that found fake sop and told guyanese of this…
    that was not ppp doings as most are blaming ppp..again it was gecom..
    once gecom came into one single fake sop then all activities at gecom must have come to a full stop…a thourough investigation shold have been conducted to find the person / s that slipped the fake..then more fakes were showing up..but what the said gecom offical said..oh none of those fakes were no no thats not it..the fakes didnt get there by itself..humans placed those fakes these for sinister reason/s …gecom must stop hiding behind the a b c eu and the internationsl observers skirts and come out and address the entire guyanese nation that it made a mistake and that gecom will now correct that mistake by opening all ballot boxes for a full recount ..dont do that and this new government lead by pnc david granger will always be seen as the same past pnc riggers of election …u see pnc have some bullies working the thing..they threaten you..they place fear into the innocent who has no choice but to walk away from the fight..a way must be found to stop this entire process where no one is bullied nor be threatened..

  3. Do ever go there . we the Guyanese people did vote the the PPP out we vote them in so know what you are saying the PPP have won the election fear and square but the APNU-AFC well plan their mischief but not for long we will take it back . if Gecom Have notting to fear why can’t we have a recount it is the right of the people , How come Gecom is finding 800 or plus vote now for the PPP come on answer where it came from now , By law Gecom was not suppose to hire people affiliated to any political party which they did wrongfully : and you mark don’t speak for the people Guyana let then speak for them self ,why you run like coward stand like we the stalwart

  4. There is no where on earth that a recount of votes can begin before results of an election is declared. Why is APNU+AFC tolerating GECOM to bend to the whims and fancy of the PPP? My other question is for the all Guyanese, why are you allowing the PPP to fool you into thinking they won the elections? The answer is clear that they lost. If they were confident of a win, do you think they would be calling for a recount?…Hell NO!!!! So Guyana, wise up….this message is for ALL GUYANESE regardless of whether you are APNU+AFC or PPP. Be brave, stand strong and let the PPP know that you have indeed voted them out…once again!!! Guyana you DESERVE better than the PPP. You have done us overseas proud by voting them out. Now is the time for GECOM to declare the results of a free and fair elections. GOD BLESS GUYANA. I LOVE YOU ALL. GECOM do what is right be all GUYANA and declare the true results of what was deemed a free and fair elections.


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