Gecom Comm. accuses Surujbally of going on road trip at the expense of Gecom

 Caption for Boodhoo:  Former CEO of GECOM, Gocool Boodhoo
 Former CEO of GECOM, Gocool Boodhoo

Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr. Keshav Mangal has endorsed the revelations by former CEO Gocool Boodhoo that Chairman of Gecom, Dr. Steve Surujbally abused his position at the Gecom office.

In a letter to the media, Dr. Mangal verified that the Chairman went with Gecom’s vehicles on a jaunt to Lethem and for Rodeo 2006 with British High Commissioner S. Hiscock and family at Gecom’s expense and incurred damage to that vehicle.

“I wish to support the CEO as I was also in Lethem at that time with my own private vehicle at my own expense. In fact I encountered Dr Surujbally at the Pirara Ranch House with Gecom’s vehicle as I was also on a trip in the area with family and friends in my own personal vehicle as guests of Mr Vic Oditt, the owner of Pirara Ranch,” Dr. Mangal revealed.

Boodhoo was booted from the Commission, who recently voted against renewing his contract. Mangal, who is a commissioner elected by the People’s Progressive Party, voted in favour of Boodhoo’s contract being renewed.




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