GECOM assures Private Sector of its readiness for Elections



GECOM meeting PS[] – The Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) says that senior representatives of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) have expressed satisfaction pertaining to the state of preparedness of GECOM as it relates to the conduct of General and Regional or Local Government Elections, should a date be set for either at short notice.

According to GECOM, this sentiment was expressed collectively by the PSC’s Representatives at the conclusion of a meeting between the two entities on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, at the GECOM Boardroom.

The meeting was arranged by GECOM in response to a request from the PSC for a meeting to be held to discuss several germane issues.

With regards to the probable conduct of Local Government Elections, GECOM emphasized that the President’s non-assent to outstanding legislation relative to Local Government, which were approved by the National Assembly, has no bearing on the Commission insofar as the conduct of these elections are concerned.

It was noted that the PSC Representatives were also provided an update on the demarcation of boundaries, and plans for the implementation of a comprehensive Voter Education programme.

With regard to General and Regional Elections, GECOM underscored its readiness to efficiently and effectively manage Elections should they be announced at short notice.

The other issues discussed at the meeting were:-

  • Continuous Registration.
  • The Preliminary and Revised List of Electors 2014.
  • The integrity of the Official List of Electors.
  • The resuscitation of the Media Monitoring Unit.
  • Elections Observers (International and Local)

The PSC had sought the meeting to get clarity on the above mentioned specific issues which were subjects of public and political discourse that were published in the media.

“At the conclusion of the meeting, the PSC’s Representatives were pleased with the explanations and information provided. They departed with the sense of confidence that GECOM was indeed in the position to successfully hold any of the two sets of elections, should the Commission be required to so do at short notice,” a media release from GECOM stated.

Representing GECOM at this meeting was its Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally, Chief Election Officer, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, Deputy Chief Election Officer, Mr. Vishnu Persaud and GECOM’s Legal Officer, Ms. Juanita Barker. The PSC was represented by its President, Mr. Ramesh Persaud, Captain Gerald Gouveia, Mr. Kit Nascimento, Ms. Elizabeth Alleyne and Ms. Ornetta Dophin.




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  2. The most vocal news media went silent on that.
    KN & SN dare not ask PNC about that.
    UK ambassador knew the fix was in so he took to the streets yelling PNC won PNC won.
    UK US and some very prominent East Indians want PNC back in Power.
    They all know they can put a ring in PNC rulers nose and lead him/her.
    They all stand to gain big time $$$ wise with a PNC victory.

  3. oh me mumma man yuh slam up esmile real bad.
    him is one wounded pncbut hey yuu know dem pnc ent gat shame. them ent got no scruples no morals.
    think what pnc supporters would do if an indian was doing what hammie green done?
    imagine the president within his constitutional rights to prorogue parliament but pnc and their handful supporters still take to the streets.
    g/town stinks deadly stink and pnc and their supporters all gone nose blind.

  4. If you go back to the 19 ballot boxes, then you have to go back to the one parliamentary seat Gecom allegedly cheated AFC out of in Linden in 2006. We are in 2014, so make a strong case for a pure list going forward and stop driving forward with your eyes fixated on the rearview mirror!

  5. Nobody should take GECOM”S assurance seriously. They should first be called upon to explain why 19 ballot boxes from ppp strongholds were not counted at the last elections. Surujbally should next be called upon to open the ballot boxes and count the votes. Finally ,he should state what steps are in place to prevent a recurrence. Isn’t this a fair and legitimate request?


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