Granger ‘considering’ a response to President’s request to dialogue

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.

[] – Opposition Leader, David Granger says he is ‘considering’ a response to President Donald Ramotar’s invitation to commence dialogue on the way forward following the prorogation of Parliament.

Granger, who is also the leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), told a news conference today, Friday, November 21 that he has not officially responded to the President’s invitation.

“I am considering a response,” he said. He told reporters that he has no time frame in mind as to when he will issue his response. While the Opposition Leader explained that he does not object to having his Party members communicate with the President or other Cabinet members, he says there has been no third party communication.

“I can’t prevent an individual Party from making contact. I can’t prevent the AFC or WPA from making contact,” Granger said.

He maintained his position that he will not engage the President in any dialogue until Parliament is reconvened.

“As far as I am concerned, I have not been in communication with the President. I have not been in touch with the President,” the Opposition Leader reiterated.

President Ramotar in his address to the nation on November 10 said if dialogue with the Opposition fails, then he will set a date for the elections, a position which Dr Luncheon reaffirmed today.

The President decided to prorogue the 10th Parliament in order to stave off the No Confidence Motion brought against his administration by the Alliance For Change.

The passage of the motion in the Opposition controlled House would have resulted in the government resigning and the President calling general elections.

His decision was met with rejection by the combined Opposition, who described him as a dictator. Meanwhile, the President has not given a specific time frame as to when he will give up on trying to convince the Opposition to agree to dialogue.

The prorogation period can last up to six months.



  1. If that is true then why dictate which position they president should take. I find that a bit hypocritical coming from the opposition since the president act in his executive position. In addition the president invited the opposition for a more democratic discussion after his pronouncements. If the opposition consider Ramotar move as dictative then they would have acted more democratic and instead of a no confidence motion place the motion in Parliament for the minister of finance to submit proof of his spending and place the minister in the disciplinary committee of the Parliament which have a majority of opposition and penalise him is the spendings didn’t met the Constitution. All this is what the opposition fail to do.

  2. What makes the PPP a dictatorship. They were elected legally by a majority of the electorate. I don’t see you say anything about the PNC being a dictatorship for 37+years. And they were not elected.

  3. Every thing about it because it allows only one party to govern Guyana the opposition is not included that’s what make it a dictatorship

  4. Andrew you get smart and clever because youeat burnom horse shit..keep it up you will be smater..collie have and you is one bitter black dog that dont have and will never have.

  5. Anthony..
    U have to know why Andrew is like the PNC crablouse.
    .Andrew eats Bunom horse shit so the poor guy just cant help him self

  6. You get ya visa yet,,or ya rope,,,the end is near,,please do not vote PNC ,,we all know you Are A very STUPID Guy. Poison is not the answer ,,voting your HEART will make you a real GUYANESE,,not an indian,,,

  7. Anthony not many ppl like you think like US,, sad when Desmond Hoyte and Forbes Burnham,, made ppl like Gray rich ,,,its ppl like gray way smuggling flower and all tje ban stuff ,,now the crab cussing the very ppl who gave him his main staple diet. ROTI,,come elections if the ppl in guyana vote for a GOVERNMENT that is doing what its is mandated to do ,,Guyana will be a better place,, I AM SO SORRY,,, for the poor and all tje ppl who are not part of the band of thieves !,,

  8. The AFC and any other Indian party’s job is to split the Indian votes. APNU job is to encourage Indians who do not want to vote for them, to chose the AFC to vote for or to abstain from voting sending a strong message to the PPP/C dictatorship party

  9. Reconvene parliament and then granger should talk to him. The president is a snake and cannot be trusted speak to him only in Parliament.. 12th day of the dictatorship one party rule of Guyana by the PPP/C government

  10. graingur knows he hanging by a thread of becoming president of guyana..
    pnc bumom was bad but dedman height was mo bad.
    and if yall tink dedman height de bad mo dan bunom then go ahead an hand power to graingur then you will see who is boss. you show dem graingur who will be boos..keep hallering and bawling at gecom the keep the list as it..
    the pnc crablouse andrew licking he chops going mmm mmm graingurr will be them ppp crab boss hahaha

  11. Stop this foolish talk. Let’s have both LGE and general elections this enabling us have a proper functioning government that is accountable to the people. It is time to rid our country of the corrupt people who think that they are superior to everyone else,

  12. I say go for it Granger, be a man, act like the leader of the opposition that you are. I think you’re ready to listen to your conscience, and that’s a good thing! It’s time now you show us that somewhere deep down in you there is a little gentle man. It’s high time now you show some constructive leadership. Listen to President Ramotar, he is a wise man, I am confident you’ll learn a lot from the gentle man. There is nothing in the street for you, sit together and reason out things together. Let’s see if the AFC can survive without the PNC. Also I want to see if the AFC will take to the street. We want the AFC to take their motion to the street. The AFC love to piggy back. Also Mr. Granger, don’t allow Harmon,and Greenige speak for you.


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