GAWU/GuySuCo API conciliation ends without settlement

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President of GAWU, Komal Chand
President of GAWU, Komal Chand

[] – Conciliatory proceedings under the Chief Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Officer, Charles Ogle on the Annual Production Incentive (API) dispute between the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) ended without a settlement being reached on December 11, 2015.

This is according to a statement issued by GAWU, which accused the sugar company of being “unconcerned and contemptuous to the cause of the sugar workers.”

According to GAWU, before the Corporation informed today’s meeting that it had not flinched from its stance of 85,000 tonnes sugar for a day’s pay, it took the opportunity to disclose that the production as at 06:00h on December 11, 2015 was 225,424 tonnes sugar.

“The State Corporation which claims that it cannot amend its offer on account of its financial situation is not being sincere. The Union in seeking to resolve the dispute submitted that some API payments could be paid during the course of the First Crop next year (2016) noting that the Corporation will be receiving revenue from sugar sales during the period,” the GAWU statement revealed.

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[File Photo]
According to the union, “GuySuCo paid no heed to this proposal as continues to be unconcerned and contemptuous to the cause of the sugar workers. GAWU noted that the Corporation’s offer which is about 2.6 days’ pay for the year’s production defies its contention that it lacks the ability to pay.”

The Union felt that a settlement was possible with just about two additional days’ pay.

“GAWU reminded the meeting the API strike lasting for six (6) days caused the Corporation millions of dollars which could have positively assisted in the resolution of the dispute.”

It was noted that the Chief Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Officer in concluding his intervention towards having a settlement on the dispute informed the meeting that he would provide a brief to his Ministers Volda Lawrence and Simona Broomes.




  1. Komal has led the workers down the path of self destruction. While he will be celebrating Christmas with the numerous salaries ( collecting from various source) that he collected he made the poor sugar workers dance ( tassa at Albion) their way out of qualifying for their benefits.
    The sugars workers major problem is nothing else but Komal Chand political leadership which is not in the interest of the workers and company.

    Workers will have to resent him at the Berbice Area Conference and the Union’s next Congress, if h decides to hold same. Lets wait and see for his chair is placed on tile and oil.

    It is unfortunate that workers of today still allow this senile grandfather to lead them into dark hole.

    The representative were astonished when at the end of the last conciliation meeting Komal requested them to lead the workers to call strike and close the crop. Thank fully the reps rejected his call for the earnings of next week will be Christmas money.

    This man still think he can ride sugar workers as blind folly.

    Komal is BAD for sugar sent him packing he won’t go I bet my life he is President for Life.

  2. contemptuous and unconcerned …
    Well Komal and Seepaul em call a strike na.
    The future of sugar workers lies in GAWU hands, let them call their bluff.
    The industry struggling, komal is so stupid
    He should be asking Guysuco to make public the salary of Hanoman and the rest and insist that they will accept two days if the managers take a pay cut since the company is struggling.

  3. You cannot fight the Devil in hell.This is a APNU/AFC Regime in power now.All workers in Guyana should give support and show solidarity with the Sugar Workers.


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