French firm interested in establishing modern maintenance shipyard in Georgetown

Vessels carrying supplies for an offshore oil platform operated by Exxon Mobil are seen at the Guyana Shore Base Inc wharf on the Demerara River, south of Georgetown, Guyana January 23, 2020. REUTERS/Luc Cohen/File Photo

French firm OCEA S.A. is actively exploring the possibility of establishing a modern maintenance shipyard in Georgetown.

OCEA S.A. designs and manufactures maritime vessels, as well as patrol boats, passenger, cruise, environmental ships, motor yachts, tank ends, floating pontoons, multihulls, monohulls, and customized aluminum structures.

The firm serves customers in France, French Guiana, French Polynesia and Suriname and Guyana.

OCEA S. A’s presence in Guyana was first established in 2014, however, serious discussions between the firm and the Guyana Government commenced in 2020.

It was on Wednesday, during the signing of the agreement between the firm and the Guyana Government for the acquisition of an ocean patrol vessel that company a representative signalled interest in establishing the shipyard.

Yorgo Hernandez said the yard will offer regular vessel maintenance services, timely repairs to help prevent accidents and ensure crews, cargo, and the environment are safe.

“The possibility of OCEA S.A investing in a maintenance shipyard in Guyana in the future makes sense. Such an investment will not only benefit your nation but also contribute to regional maritime development. I hope we can jointly work towards this objective,” Hernandez said.

Senior Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh shared similar sentiments, noting that an endeavor of this magnitude will create employment opportunities for Guyanese in the engineering industry and enable synergy in vessel maintenance between Guyana and Neighbouring countries.

“I would encourage you to continue to explore this option because we anticipate that the opportunity will not only serve your Guyanese clientele but provide the opportunity to serve the sub-region will present itself very effectively in Georgetown,” Dr. Ashni posited.