‘Free and Easy’ community to benefit from new water service network

Residents of ‘Free and Easy’ at a community meeting in August.
Residents of ‘Free and Easy’ at a community meeting in August.
Residents of ‘Free and Easy’ at a community meeting in August.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will complete works on a new water service distribution network for the community of ‘Free and Easy’, West Bank Demerara within a week at a cost in excess of G$10 Million.

GWI Customers of ‘Free and Easy’ will receive water service for the first time thanks to an initiative by Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott.

According to a release from GWI, Minister Scott met with residents in August 2015 at a community meeting organized by concerned residents who voiced their distress with the lack of water service.

The Minister, who was accompanied by senior management of GWI including Executive Director of Operations, Joseph Codette, committed to installing the community’s first potable water distribution network.

He emphasized that the lack of safe water in the community was unacceptable and that he would personally pursue the project to establish the community’s first distribution network.

Infrastructural works, including the installation of pipe lines, distribution and transmission mains, commenced in late August and the entire network consisting of in excess of 6000 feet of pipe lines will be completed within one (1) week.

Executive Director of Operations, GWI, Joseph Codette explained that the new distribution network was funded by GWI for the benefit of in excess of forty (40) households.

The Director further emphasized that new customers must ensure they are registered as GWI customers at the company’s Pouderoyen Customer Services location in order to receive new service connections.      

Commenting on the soon to be completed distribution network for ‘Free and Easy’, Minister Scott commended GWI on the quality of the infrastructural works and urged residents to act as caretakers of the new system so that future generations would enjoy the same improved quality of life.




  1. This positive news item was blocked from DK,CONGRATS to all the POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE steps our long awaited government is doing. If you cant beat them JOIN THEM,,,


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