Fraud at CJIA: Board challenges AFC to produce evidence



AFC Executive Member, Cathy Hughes.
AFC Executive Member, Cathy Hughes.

[] – The Board of Directors of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport is calling on the Alliance For Change (AFC) to make available to the appropriate authorities all evidence it claims to have with regards to the alleged massive fraud at CJIA.

iNews reported earlier today that the AFC has uncovered a major fraud at the Airport as it relates to the award of contracts. AFC Executive Member, Cathy Hughes at a press conference stated senior officials may be using their office to perpetuate fraud against CJIA.

However, one of the Directors at the Airport told iNews that “these malicious allegations may be the work of an aggrieved senior employee who was recently disciplined for a series of misconduct.

According to Director, who prefers to remain anonymous, “the aggrieved employee may have exhausted all appeals made to various persons and took this avenue as a last ditch to discredit the Corporation.”

The Director is therefore urging the AFC to be cautious about this matter and not to buy into wholesale the allegations being made.

“Instead, the Party should directly engage the Board of Directors or the police on the alleged evidence it has,” the Director said.Airport

Hughes told reporters, “The AFC was made to understand that a senior employee who had attempted to defraud the company by identifying an imposter as a contractor to whom large sums of money were payable, is still on the job”.

The AFC is yet to hand over this information to the Police to conduct its investigations and Hughes noted that this will be done until after all the information is gathered.

“The Alliance For Change is gathering evidence of the multitude of wrongdoings and while we understand that employees fear victimisation if they should report what is happening at the airport, we call on them to speak and help stop fraud.”

Hughes also plans to “name names” if the matter is not investigated and persons are not held accountable for this type of illegality.




  1. to be fair not all de blame must be on de lady of a corrupt husband..she and she hubby know a thing or two or three about corruption..hydro all must lay blame and pelt sum lash pon de opposition news papers for posting garbage as NEWS..A law should be passed that once the media gets it information and not double and triple check to ensure accuracy of what they are posting those media houses must be held responsible and be shut down for one month for a first violation..Laws must be passed so as to stop them from hiding under “freedom of speech” Folks we must never forget it was a RUMOR on the air-waves that caused almost one million humans to be slaughtered in Rwanda.The same could very well happen in Guyana..News media acts as they are the untouchables and in a sense they are because of certain laws but laws must now be enacted to counter those laws where they must never hide and get away with freedom of speech. Sometimes freedom of speech comes with deadly consequences::The media must be held responsible they tarnish they malign when they directly and in-directly accused and call others thieves with out facts presented to them and for them to cross check over and over before rushing to print.

  2. This is a serious and damaging allegation.
    This matter must be clarified and dealt with appropriately.
    My guess is that it is AFC propaganda of mouth open lies jump out.

  3. You have got to be the biggest JACKASS, to make a claim like that without first investigating! And these are the same people who are claiming that they can run the country better?


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