“Return of Automatic Promotion hilarious, panicky” – Amna Ally

Amna Ally, Minister of Social Cohesion

By Kurt Campbell

Shadow Minister of Finance,  Amna Ali.
Shadow Minister of Education, Amna Ali.

[www.inewsguyana.com]–Shadow Education Minister, Amna Ally has described as “hilarious” and “panicky” the recent announcement by Chief Education Officer of the Ministry’s intention to restore the automatic promotion policy for secondary schools, just one year after scrapping it.

“I believe that the announcement and utterances were hilarious and panicky…

One year ago there was a change in policy with regards to automatic promotion but the answer does not lay in making this panicky announcementno matter how poor performance may be,” Ally said.

She pointed out that she is unhappy with such a move and said it is unfortunate that she was not consulted.

“I was never consulted on this or any other matter that surrounds it, but I would like to be consulted on any matter concerning education because it concerns all, not only the PPP/C government but everyone in Guyana.”

According to the CEO, the Ministry has chosen to continue with the policy because of the dull performance of many students in secondary schools across the country.

Efforts to secure a comment from Minster Priya Manickchand proved futile.

However, according to Ally, several professionals within the Ministry have complained about the return of this policy and the refusal to promote children who fail Mathematics.

Ally said she personally called the Minister and raised the concerned but was informed that consultations were done in reaching to the position the Ministry has.

“It leaves much to be desired, Education doesn’t happen like that and I’m sure professionals in the ministry would not subscribe, there needs to be more meaningful consultations instead of making a decision and then going to tell people of the decision made,” Ally added.

The original policy was implemented by former Education Minister, Sheik Baksh. It received widespread condemnation from educators and teachers.




  1. OBSERVER you and she better toe pnc line at all times if not you both will end up in pnc guyline for your slice of bread ppp now giving yall

  2. This new policy excuses incompetence, passing children through the system and then out is only creating hangers on in society ,and a perfect way of separating the sheep from the goat.

  3. Teacher Amna is still very much on top of her ‘game’ as an educator and politician. Please do not mess with her….I believe she still has her wild cane put away somewhere. And forget about that physical abuse thing.

  4. Shadow Minister of Education, Amna Ali. she is just a shadow so take nothing serious of what she says..she has to toe pnc line.. she knows haslyn paris got the pnc special in pnc compound for talking de truth..then vanesa kissoon got the pnc haslyn paris special in pn compound for no reason..this shadow isver much afraid of the pnc haslyn paris and pnc vanessa kissoon special in pn compound..leh awee dis cut sh lil slak

  5. Many children can be musicians and many can be carpenters, but not all can master every subject with distinctions. We are all wired differently.
    A child cannot be held back because she does not know math or cannot grasp a subject fast enough to keep abreast with the pact.
    Every child must be moved through the system automatically.
    Amna should be the last one to talk.
    Her father was a mason with very limited or no qualification at all. He automatically became a PNC Regional Chairman.
    How this happen? Read between the lines.

  6. These people keep going back and forth… My school had a lot of improvement. They should keep the new system and children would work harder if they want to be promoted.


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