Former US President Jimmy Carter confirmed to observe local polls

Former US President, Jimmy Carter
Former US President Jimmy Carter
Former US President Jimmy Carter

[] After weeks of speculation in the local media, the Carter Centre has confirmed that Former US President Jimmy Carter will be in Guyana as part of an observation team for the May 11 General and Regional Elections.

Carter had led the Centre’s first Observer Mission to Guyana in 1992 when the first internationally certified free and fair election saw the People’s Progressive Party/Civic regaining office for the first time in 28 years.

In a statement, the Carter Centre said that it has an international election observation mission for Guyana’s May 11 elections at the invitation of the government of Guyana.

It noted that the core team of experts will be joined this week by six medium-term observers, together representing nine countries. The Center’s observers will meet regularly with representatives of the Guyana Elections Commission, political Party candidates, civil society organizations, the international community, and citizen election observers to assess electoral preparations and the pre-electoral environment, including election administration, campaigning, voter education, and other issues.

“They will be joined by a larger delegation of election observers in May, led by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who will assess the voting, counting, and tabulation processes,” the release noted.

 “I look forward to leading our delegation to observe Guyana’s elections on May 11,” said President Carter.

“The Carter Center has a long history in Guyana and great respect for the Guyanese people. These will be the fourth elections we have observed there since 1992, and we trust they will be peaceful and inspire hope for the future,” he added.

 With the Guyana mission, The Carter Center reaches an important milestone: its 100th election observation. The first took place in Panama in 1989 during a hotly contested race that the Center declared fraudulent. Since then, the Center has observed elections in 38 countries.

 The Carter Center’s election observation mission is conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation and Code of Conduct that was commemorated at the United Nations in 2005 and has been endorsed by 49 election observation groups.

The Center assesses the electoral process based on Guyana’s national legal framework and its obligations for democratic elections contained in regional and international agreements.



  1. Hey that is my right to use whatever name I want. I will be in your face here every day whether you like it or not. I am willing to do anything to see the ppp out.

  2. Attention all Bloggers Andrew is also Blogging with the names Cheddi, Trevis, looknah, guy and ana, shaun, baboo, pandit, etc. that’s just a few. So much for RIGGING. The PNC are accustomed to RIG. For example, I personally Google.
    “Mr. Burnham does it again: A look at how PNC riggeg 1973 Elections in Guyana” Also I did a research on how they Rig the 1985 Election where Hoyte claim 77.6% and they gave PPP 15.6%. Shame on you PNC!

  3. I certainly hope all you paid PPP bloggers do not change your mouths when Carter pronounces on the elections. Especially; (1) the unfair use of Government resources by the PPP in their election campaign (2) the unfair use of State Media by PPP (3) the fear mongering of the PPP (4) the cuss down gutter language of the PPP, especially Jagdeo.

    When the MMU has cited Jagdeo for racially divisive statements in Berbice, all you Jagdeoites cuss them down. Now you are praising Carter. Hope when he makes his pronouncements you respect them.

  4. pnc bloggers said that carter came to guyana in 92 to install ppp to power..maybe he is back to install them to power again..this will make pnc bloggers cry their crocodile tears more worse now..i dont understand that once the ppp side shows up to vote in full force how can pnc win with its 30% and even throw in the none indian nagamootto indian votes of 11% the pnc still can win..and yet pnc thugs brucking up ppp meetings..this news media should see fit to question pnc top brass on why they going after ppp rallies..

  5. PPP/C is taking this one again. Let’s not take this freedom for granted. I will out in full force this year encouraging all my family,friends and neighbours to vote solidly for the PPP/C

  6. President Jimmy Carter is Probably the world best when it comes to observing Elections. In advance I want to say a big thank you Sir to you and your expert team!!
    This great Gentle man does not know how to comprise.
    Thanks to President Carter and the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll sleep very sound and happy tonight. Guyanese will feel more confident now and give PPP a whooping 57% vote. God Bless Guyana.


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