Foreign Call Center skirting Guyanese on payment promises



CEO, Rawle Aaron
CEO, Rawle Aaron

[] – Trinidad based Call Center – QUSET – has failed to honor the latest timeline it had allegedly given to a group of young Guyanese; promising to deliver payments by Thursday, July 31.

The persons, who complained to iNews last week, are fearful that they may have been manipulated and ripped off millions by the Call Center.

iNews was told that when the Company opened its doors in November 2013 along Barrack Street, Georgetown it employed some 25 Guyanese which included Customer Service Representatives, Supervisors, Finance Personnel and a Chief Executive Officer.

Those employed were reportedly only paid stipends for December 2013 and January 2014 and worked without compensation up until the company closed its doors approximately a month.

However, when iNews contacted the Chief Executive Officer Rawle Aaron, who is also Guyanese and reported to have also not been paid; he claimed he was able to make contact with the Principals in Trinidad and they had promised to pay all staff by Thursday last.

  Sherwin Peterson                                 Owner of Quset Group
Sherwin Peterson Owner of Quset Group

An employee told iNews this morning “I’ve since been in contact with Rawle Aaron who kept saying funds will be sent every week… still nothing!” adding that “they then made a promise to pay everyone on the 31st July and they have not.”

The staff members have threatened to take legal action against the company explaining that a similar situation has apparently taken place in Trinidad.

 “They made big promises and never delivered. They haven’t paid their staff since February and still owes everyone over $** million,” one angry employee related.

According to the individual, the company – QUSET –discontinued operations in Guyana but still operates in Trinidad. “It appears like they don’t want to pay us.”

iNews was told too that “The Guyanese staff has contacted some of the staff at Quset Trinidad only to find out that many of them have quit their jobs because they too weren’t being paid until now. It’s quite clear that this company is dealing in fraud, since work is being done and no salaries are being paid. The Owner and Chairman of the Quset Group Mr. Sherwin Peterson & Mr. Dane Lewis, have taken many trips back and forth to Guyana and the hard working staff hasn’t been paid.”

Dane Lewis, Chairman of Quset Group
Dane Lewis, Chairman of Quset Group

Several efforts to contact Aaron this time proved futile.

Last week when this news outfit contacted officials at the Ministry of Labour, they could not locate an official complaint in their register. iNews was informed that the employees spoke directly to the Dexter Semple, however he claims that he cannot recall speaking to anyone from QUSET.

iNews intends to follow this issue up with the Labour Ministry in the new week.




  1. u worked one week no pay..u wok 2 weeks no pay…fish rots from de head…smell it for what it is…its a scam…


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