Fmr Ministers Rodrigues, Dr Gopaul could play an important role in APNU+AFC govt

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues - Birkett.

By Fareeza Haniff

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.
Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.

[] – If the new APNU+AFC government were to recruit former Ministers from the previous administration, it would be Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues – Birkett and Former Minister of Labour, Dr Nanda Gopaul.

This is according to Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman, who during his appearance on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday, May 31, expressed his admiration for the two.

“I’ve always admired the style of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs; I thought she had panache, she had grace. I thought she had really done well to reposition our image. I admired her. That’s one Minister who I thought made a difference,” Trotman said.

He further noted that he also admired Dr Gopaul, given the fact that he came from a “labour background.”

“I used to admire some others but they made some statements during the campaign that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth,” the Minister said.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues - Birkett.
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues – Birkett.

He however noted that he is willing to work with the others if it comes down to a matter of policy.

“From the President right through to the last Minister, if they are willing I would be prepared to hold out a hand and work with them because no one has been so obnoxious that I would refuse to work with them at all; I mean some of them I would avoid for obvious reasons, but I would not, as a matter of policy, refuse to work with them.”

Former Minister of Labour, Dr. Nanda Gopaul.
Former Minister of Labour, Dr. Nanda Gopaul.

Since assuming office, the APNU+AFC newly appointed ministers have been meeting with former ministers to ensure a smooth transition and according to Trotman there has been a large degree of cooperation; however he does not believe that President David Granger should issue a written invitation to any of the former ministers at this stage.

“Discussions are ongoing and depending on how those evolve, I can see the President, considering whether or not he should make a formal request and if so to what extent…I wouldn’t advise that there be a formal letter now because it could likely be rebuffed and that could be both embarrassing and it could also damage our relations irreparably,” the Governance Minister said.



  1. APNU+AFC leaders and supporters spent the past 23 years expending selfless labour and countless hours of sacrifice (self and family) for the opportunity to clean the slate and start over. As good a human as any among the past PPP leadership can be (and Carolyne does stand out), during the last elections they all demonstrated their preference and maybe liking for the leadership style, divisive ideology and reputation of the PPP. Their preference cannot suddenly change… especially when compared with able supporters of the APNU+AFC. Those who wanted better for Guyana (and not themselves) made the decision to join the collation (demonstrable evidence of their interest in putting Guyana first) or publicly voiced their disgust at the way the NEW PPP operates and treats citizens (Dr. Jagan must be moaning in his grave). One question that needs to be asked is this; had the PPP won, who among the collation would have been asked to join the PPP team? The answer is a resounding NONE… the PPP campaign rhetoric spoke tons. Finally, and here is my offer: let the PPP stalwarts and goody-two-shoes spend the next five years proving themselves as nationalists… and at the next election observe how they speak about the collation and its leadership. In the meanwhile, develop a measurement scale that offers a scientifically and mathematically sound means of measuring their fit-to-join the collation leadership… and not just base their fit on opinion, now matter how believable it might be. Hmmmm remember the NEW PPP leadership will stop at nothing; not even injecting TROJANS in the collation. Look how they have made our distinguished HE a common street protester… and where was Jagdeo during the protests?

  2. No member from the pppc that sell out guyana,we did not vote for this we vote for change we need young and vibrant. Head .

  3. You have to be a unpaid PPP news man, you calling your own soup drinkers, The laugh is on you, the are respected by many not like the ??? Barrat,,so try LOL at yourself, the cup is empty, only the chosen few from freedom cup full,,,

  4. I was thinking only last week that i really like the Mrs.Rodrigues Burkett’s disposition and was eager to know if the now government would be willing to work with her. I am sure God is speaking …………. this is not coincidence.

  5. Never, Never, Never – they are tainted by association and we need clean accountable individuals to move the country forward. They would have had to know what was going on and choose to remain to silent…Get rid of the lot of them and don’t even think about using there “so called expertise”….If it was so good we would not be in the mess we are in

  6. Gopaul is a phony. Where did he get is doctorate from. He cuss out the partnership at the rodney commission and crawl to the inauguration ceremony thinking that people forget. He is also responsible for the sugar industry present state of affairs. Jagdeo placed him on every board that enabled his PPP coharts to steal and victimized innocent people. You better ask somebody before you make such foolish suggestions

  7. Is Trotman braindead ?? These people condoned the shit that vindictive jagdeo dished out for 12 years as president and then supported him this last elections with his divisive race baiting… we voted for change, and this idiot is considering bringing back the same ones we voted out.

  8. There is something radically wrong with this guy – his ego is bigger than his head. Here he is in public advising the president.

  9. inexperience is begging for experience to come to their bench, lets see, if i was nanda gopaul and carlyn—i say no

  10. Lol lol lol condemning one of your own so soon. This government and all these ministers and frauds. If those two really need the soup well let them hang their mouths.

  11. I am not certain what was the level of mental fatigue with Bro Trotman when he made those utterances.Firstly Gopaul is not trusted amongst his own ppp having had a very scratchy past punctuated with one of the most sinful episode in the history of banking in this country when he together with Jagdeo made innocent professional people sideline and lost everything they worked for.
    Gopaul nepotism must not be forgotten his foster son was made a member of the UG council . Gopaul as innocent and decent as he may appear he needs to say where his rise to monetary prominence came from.
    NBS and the berbice bridge and some untold spendings in the office of the president. It is widely believe that when he was the PS at the office of the president many of the Jadeo deals were signed. So i am not sure if Troty is sending a message we voted wrong.
    Sexondly the good lady i want to say we voted for a change from the past . As good as they may appear they allowed unbridled hardship upon the ppl of this country and they kept silent.
    I am saying that keep these ppl far from the mantle of leadership we didnt vote for them and we dont need them.
    I suggest that the brother temper his thinking he may not be speaking for me who voted for the colation.
    AFC needs to caution him.

  12. Mrs. Rodrigues-Burket is probably the only Minister from the former Government, that I know of, that has not been implicated in any dishonest acts. She was the first to do the right thing, that was to return Government property and congratulate the coalition on their victory. As far as I know, she has always exhibit professional conduct. It is my opinion that it would be good to have her play a role in the new Government.

  13. Nanda Gopaul that is is definitely a noooooooooooo Trotman invetigation will prove me and others right.

  14. who gopal gave away large sections of guysuco lands to close friends and assocites what r u going to do with athief

  15. I hope the APNU deliver on its promise, this is a step in the right direction, hats of to them. She for one deserves a chance and i see nothing wrong with the Dr Gopaul,


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