Coastal areas flooded after heavy rainfall

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Festival City
Festival City

[] – Several hours of rainfall in the early morning of Sunday May 31 has left several parts of Guyana’s coast completely flooded.

Residents from Georgetown through to Mahaica have reported that water levels have risen at an alarming rate since the rainfall started. Flood 2

In South Ruimveldt residents are dealing with knee high water levels, with the water continuing to rise and no sign of the rain easing anytime soon.

Flood 4Persons residing closer to the coasts are even more concerned given that a high tide is expected sometime later in the day. Flood 5

Several stores and homes are also flooded in Georgetown and other parts of the country.





  1. Flooding of GT is now a past time and normal week a day thing. However i trust the President is looking and i want to say sir i have your back and the colation.Now is the time for the MoA to do some basic questioning and fire the get rich by night 40thousand a month employee who bought a 60 million dollar house on western union remittances he said.
    Why draingae is insuch shambles and billions spent every rainy season.
    We will make it right..

  2. When I looked at the flooded areas in Georgetown. I see no method of drainage the stores have their pavement all the way up to the public road. So where is the drain and where is the water going to go when it rains it looks like a city with no drains at all.


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