Floods hit Black Bush Polder

Determined to save their herd, these two men guide their sheep through floodwaters

Just one day after regional authorities said that there is no danger of flooding at Black Bush Polder, Berbice, during the rainy season, a section of the area was under water on Friday.

Regional Chairman David Armogan had told this media group on Thursday that the region has the capacity to drain the Black Bush Polder, not only in terms of gravitational flow but also by means of electrical pumps.

However, on Friday morning the polders of Johanna and Yakasary were inundated after a few hours of heavy rainfall.

Children walking through floodwaters

Cash crop farmers and those in the residential areas were the worst affected by the floodwaters. Also affected were some rice and poultry farmers. Residents are pointing an accusing finger at the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), which has the responsibility for the three main canals that drain the four polders.

Some of the sluice doors are silted and up to Friday afternoon could not be opened.

Additionally, outfall channels at Adventure, Eversham and Number 43 Village are all blocked with silt. The pump at Number 43 Village is also out of operation.

These two schoolgirls were forced to remove their footwear as they navigated through mud and water to attend school

On Friday, several farmers were seen pumping water out of their farms and building embankments to prevent overtopping. The drainage system was ineffective since the two polders were filled to capacity. The way home for many involved paddling through floodwaters.

Snakes and alligators have also been prevalent over the past day with farmers complaining that their livestock being captured and eaten. (Andrew Carmichael)