77 conferred with national awards


In recognition of their service and contribution to Guyana’s development, 77 persons were on Friday bestowed with national awards.

At an investiture ceremony at the National Cultural Centre, President David Granger conferred the awards, ranging from the Cacique’s Crown of Honour (CCH), the Golden Arrow of Achievement (AA), the Medal of Service (MS), the Military Service Medal (MSM) and the Disciplined Services Medal (DSM).

The Head of State indicated that the ceremony serves as a reminder of persons that are responsible for Guyana’s upward trajectory. As such, their sterling contribution is recognised as an appreciation for selfless loyalty.

“Citizens’ contribution to society, their participation in national development and their personal accomplishments are central to a country’s progress. Citizens who service reflects the values of identity, integrity and loyalty help to make Guyana a better place,” Granger stated.

He also related that national awards are part of Guyana’s national honour system, adding that these awards are tangible tokens of the respect which a nation can bestow on its worthy citizens.

This year, the Disciplined Services Medal was awarded to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lyndon Alves; Assistant Commissioner of Police, Paul Langevine and Retired Divisional Officer, Compton Sparman.

The Military Service Medal was conferred to Lieutenant Colonel, Courtney Bryne.
Meanwhile, the Golden Arrow of Achievement  was bestowed upon Vincent Alexander, Lorene Baird, Ruth Benjamin Huntley, Calvin Benn, Leslie Black, William Boyle, Negla Brandis, Paul Carto, Randolph Cummings, Phillip DaSilva, Patrick Farnum, Egbert Field, Nicholas Fredericks, Malcolm Harripaul, Vincent Henry, Dickson Hooper, Leon Johnson, Kalam Juman-Yassin, Patrick Ma Fleur, Carl Lashley, Derrick Lawrence, Lawrence London, Julia Mansell, Dr Suresh Narine, Christopher Nacimento, Lurline Nestor, Maxine Aaron, Rajendra Persaud, Eric Phillips, Sandra Shivdat, Gomathinayagam Subramaninan, Morris Wilson, Genevieve Nedd, Garfield Wiltshire, William Woolford and O’Donna Allsopp.

Those awarded with the Cacique’s Crown of Honour were Frederick Case, Charles Fung-a-Fat, David Hales, Sheik Insanally, Abdool Majeed and Terrence Montrose.

For the Medal of Service, 31 persons were awarded. These included Shameeza Baksh, Taramattie Barker, Roxanne Barratt, Rosemary Benjamin-Noble, Donna Bowman, John Critchlow, Wavenie Dorsett, Hilbert Foster, Gloria Garraway, Lawrence Griffith, Soyinka Grogan, Claudette Heyliger-Thomas, Parmeshwar Jagmohan, Suresh Jagmohan, Ian Jardine, Mohammed Kassim, Bibi Khan, Gordon Kingston, Kumar Lallbachan, Peter Lewis, Nasrudeen Mohammed, Terrence Poole, Leslie Romalho, Harripersaud Ramsewack, Petal Ridley, Gail Robinson, Ramkarran Roopchand, James Sampson, Komal Singh, Zohora Singh and Fitzroy Younge.

Chairperson of the Advisory Council of the Orders of Guyana and Acting Chancellor, Yonette Cummings-Edwards told the awardees, “We extend heartfelt congratulations to you. You’re being celebrated for your hard work and achievements.”

In 1970, the national awards were introduced with two orders, the Order of Excellence and the Order of Roraima. Three years later, the Order of Service was created.
Back in 2018, 49 persons out of the 96 awardees were women.
In 2017, 31 women were conferred with national awards with Cummings-Edwards, leading the list at that time.

In October 2016, a total of 86 individuals were conferred with awards. Additionally, 12 groups were conferred with the MS insignia on the occasion of Guyana’s 46th Republic Anniversary in February, earlier that year.