Final session of Rodney CoI to cost $17M



By Jomo Paul

Attorney General, Basil Williams.
Attorney General, Basil Williams.

[]  –  After more than a year of  being in operation, and costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars, Attorney General Basil Williams has revealed that the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (CoI) is not quite finished with its hefty deductions from Guyana’s coffers.

During a recent interview with reporters, the Attorney General disclosed that the CoI’s final session which is expected to last some 5 days will cost some $17M.

Reports indicate that thus far; the inquiry has cost taxpayers $325M, with a lofty $16M going towards a writer, Shaun Michael Samaroo, who was contracted to document the findings of the CoI, by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration.

Williams told reporters that the last session of the inquiry would not be more than five days with two days being dedicated to final hearings and submissions and the remaining three days for the Commissioners to put their findings together.

He indicated too that the session is likely to commence “towards the end of July”WalterRodneyA

Minister State Joseph Harmon had related that the CoI would have one final session to wrap up its affairs, thereafter it the commissioners would be allowed one month within which they are to provide the findings to President David Granger.

We are not prepared to go behind that it was money that was approved by the former President for expenditure, we though a lot of money was wasted, but we’re not going to go back on that, we have basically taken a position that we’re going to bring it to an end,” Harmon stated.



  1. No doubt this Rodney Commission of Inquiry is very costly and has gone on for quite a while. Now that the new administration has signalled its intention for its conclusion and submit its findings within one month to the President, it would be expected that the Guyanese public as well as other interested parties, regional and international, are not kept in the dark with the commission’s findings. The President must release it in an unadulterated, unedited form, the sooner the better and not as soon as possible.

  2. Hopefully this Rodney inquiry will come to an end soon and at the least cost to the Guyanese people. All Guyanese are so fed up with the corruption. Dr. Walter Rodney was an honorable man of the soil who fought for the freedom and rights of all Guyanese during difficult times . He deserves the recognition as one of the greatest son of the land. Gandhi, Mandela & King were recognized and remembered for their fights and struggles in larger countries. Dr. Rodney and Dr. Jagan had the same strength and courage as those distinguished gentlemen.They are our national heroes.

  3. That money should have been allocated to clean up the city and social programs. I think that is more value for money. What a waste!!

  4. one of the greatestest sons of guyana , a brillant man . his words inspire me to become a better person, few can walk in his shadows, we as a nation . should erect
    some monuement. in his honor, no matter our diffences, he a son of guyana, that would honor his memory


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