Figures show APNU+AFC wins elections but no declaration

President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.

By Jomo Paul

President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.
President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.

[] – Just moments ago, the Chief Election Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Keith Lowenfield released raw data of the 2015 General and Regional Elections which shows that APNU+ AFC’s Brigadier David Granger is Guyana’s new President-elect.

APNU+AFC has managed to acquire 206, 817 votes while the PPP/C has acquired 201,457 votes, which means the coalition won by 5,360 votes.

The results effectively end a 23-year reign by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic which ascended to office in 1992 under the leadership of the late Dr Cheddi Jagan.

However it should be noted that while GECOM has released the results, it has not declared the winner.

Granger led the APNU+AFC Coalition – an alliance of 6 opposition political Parties, which expected a victory, having announced that they were in a commanding lead.

Sixty-nine-year old Granger has led the APNU+AFC campaign with promises of unifying Guyana and removing the racial divide that pervades society especially at election season.

The coalition has promised that within the first 100 days it would establish Public Procurement Commission, review taxation, increase salaries and work to reduce corruption in public office.

The results for the General Elections are as follows:

APNU/AFC    206,817

PPP/C              201,457

TUF                        880

URP                      338

NIP                       561

IP                           338




  1. I fully agree 100% on the above statement

  2. Knights
    Congrats. To the new leader, 1 emedatiley open an investigation in to the 23 years of curruption and seizs all monies, properties, jail all those who are gulity. 2 restart all the factories, clay brick, textile, glass.
    3. Rename the air port to it’s orginal name. 4 Go back to One people,one nation,one destiny.

  3. after 30 years leaving Guyana, I never thought of even a visit because of the crimes, narcotics, embelzzelements and freedom – safety of my kids walking the streets of the land I grew up -robberies, guns, etc

    Mr GRANGER – act fast -remov ethe bandits off the streets – you ahve the skills – stop the cronies who robbed the country of wealth – check on the buddys, lalls – just investigate people who display exorbitant wealth with nothing to substantaite the wealth earned –

    Make Guyana the land for the people – why the chinese control the timber industry?

    How come the lands of Guyana are owned by foreigners ?

    I am confident that you will be Gandhi of Guyana.

    I support you profoundly.

  4. Thanks to all who voted for change and congratulations our leaders. Long live our dream for peace and progress!
    Ronald P

  5. People have to give the new administration some patience & time. The ppp has pillaged the treasury and given away half the country to their cronies, family and so called friends. They have scurried away much funds in bank accounts across the world. I do recall a pilot who flew into Puerto Rico with hundreds of thousands of US currency undeclared and we wonder where the country monies are. The fat cat finance minister is the most unethical finance minister ever to preside over the treasury. Guyana does not have the accounting forensic tools/persons to trace the monies. The new admin will need all the help they can get.

  6. Is anyone asking why GECOM isn’t declaring the new President Granger as the winner? This is very fishy and it stinks to high heaven! Too much shenanigans coming out from GECOM. I don’t trust Surujbally, he’s always playing to the tune of the ppp!

  7. Congratulations to Mr. Granger and all the APNU/AFC supporters.
    You have been given this opportunity for a reason , the people of Guyana put their trust in you. Please restore our beautiful Guyana . Let Guyana be a place of equality


  9. Dear Fellow Guyanese,

    The time for change has come. Let’s now work to create a Guyana where all Guyanese are seen as equal, let’s unite our people as one.
    Let’s say we are Guyanese with pride.

    Congratulations to the new government and my their decisions be guided God Almighty

  10. I am a die hard supporter of PPP who won’t cross the floor. I sincerely congratulate the Coalition and wish them all good things in their governance for the next five years. Roopnarine, Granger, Khemraj notwithstanding, it would be interesting watching to see how coalition deals with Jagdeo, Bobby etc and not Hammie, Robert Corbin etc. Politicians always come with baggage that tie their hands. Also how Coalition will stave off a PPP that can resurge should Ramotar show more spine and leadership and less nepotism and bowing to greed

  11. Congrats APNU/AFC…….A Better Future For ALL.Road to success.Remember the reason for failure of PPP/C……a lesson to learn well.Congrats Joey,Alvin,Chris Ram ,Granger not danger as PPP puts it’,Moses the true fighter,Khemraj the Justice Seeker.PPP/C……Reward for Forbes and Jagan.Grow Guyana!Racism is Hatism.Unite my People and move ahead.

  12. Just as long as they don’t take Guyana back to where is was 25 years ago where you could not get even basic food items without lining up for it!

  13. Way to go at last…… However I think if THE BHAR RAT had staid out of the campain PPP/C could have gained a few thousand more votes or possibly win the election but there was a reason that GOD made him get involved so that the PPP/C could loose there is always a greater man than all of US.

    Congratulation DAVID & MOSES

  14. It is time indeed after 23yrs being ruled under the PPP/C government we finally won well done Guyana our votes finally mattered.We voted like bosses and won like bosses.

  15. I hope with the new leadership we will get the guns off the street. I hope crime will go down and not up. We are not free to walk the streets safely with out being robbed or killed. Everyone looks down on my people when we go in a shop because some of us breathe and live to thief . I have all my jewerly hidden wont dare wear it out. Look I went to visit my cousin in Agricola two weeks ago and was robbed of my bag and my fake gucci belt. Had no bus fare .These bandits were school dropouts. I hope all the APNU foreign supporters will return to help build our country instead of criticizing .

  16. Congrats APNU/AFC. Please work for the people of Guyana. Thieves will be caught one day. Do justice to our people.

  17. I fully agree that surujbally is a ppp advocate and will do whatever they tell him. The delaying tactic was to fudge the numbers so ppp can look good in the face of defeat. I truly believe the collation has a great gap from the ppp. The new parliament have to disband gecom as it is and do a complete house cleaning. It’s shameful what surujbally puts people and country through each election time. He must go!

  18. Congratulations to the coalition team for winning the election.I hope the new Govt. would look into all the corruption committed by the outgoing party and resurrect the spirits of the people of Guyana. Thank God.

  19. Well put my friend. Extradite the drug dealers and the PPP thieves who are clearly guilty of money laundering. Implement programs to eradicate corruption in the police force, GRA, M&CC, NDC’s etc.

  20. I’m not gonna get super excited until the PPP concedes defeat and come together to heal the nation.United we Stand Decided we Fall.One People One Nation One Destiny.

  21. Congratulations to the President elect and the Prime Minister elect on your victory. Now the difficult work begins. Good Luck and make us proud. I know you can restore Guyana to the beautiful country it was.

  22. I say recount region 4 and see what happens. Bet you what you find will shake the nation. But hey maybe they don’t want a shake.

  23. let me add some more to that list…………..amend the constitution to make it democratic for the future generation………………revamp gecom………… that election results can be given out on the eve of election day………….revamp the police force so that each police station reflects its ethnic make up…………….and be extremely careful of the re-migrants…………….they will only come back to cause racial tension all over again………….kudos to all who stayed in guyana through thick and thin to see the end of this dark dark tunnel…………….i would like to make special mention of freddie kissoon……………and nigel hughes…………..go guyanese go

  24. It is necessary. relax immigration laws to attract investors from all over the world yo help develop Guyana oh beautiful Guyana land is beauty. the Eldorado of the Caribbean.

  25. FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THAN GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST. Thanks to all who worked assiduously to provide us the opportunity to create a NEW GUYANA.

  26. I am very excited about the future of Guyana; I am going to book my air fare to be in Guyana early next month. God bless the past leaders and future leaders.


    Step 1: Win the Elections…been there…done that!

    Step 2: Jail the whole pack of PPP/C Thieves and Leeches!

    Step 3: Seize all the Luxury vehicles and hundred and one houses and freeze the overflowing personal bank accounts and return the $$$ to the treasury.

    Step 4: Tangibly demonstrate that stability, security and prosperity has been returned to the Guyanese people. Give people at least a living wage and ease the cruel tax burden…take back our country from the criminals and drug lords.


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