“It’s the best thing for Guyana” – Granger reacts to coalition victory

President David Granger

By Tracey-Khan Drakes

Brigadier David Granger
Brigadier David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Brigadier David Granger says that the results of the 2015 General and Regional Elections as announced by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) are cause for much celebration but that celebration should be short lived since there is much work to be done.

The data, as released by GECOM, indicates that out of 410, 391 ballots cast, the PPP/C managed to acquire, 201,457 which is 5360 votes short of the figure acquired by the APNU+AFC which is 206,817.

“I am elated, I am happy for Guyana, we worked hard and we are convinced that now the evidence is clear that the majority of people are on our side, they understand our programme, they share our vision and I feel it’s the best thing for Guyana. We are a six Party coalition and we are the closet Guyana has ever gotten to a government of national unity and that makes me very happy,” said Granger.

Jubilation has filled the streets of Georgetown and other parts of the country following GECOM’s announcement. The headquarters of the APNU+AFC at Queenstown, Georgetown were filled with euphoric supporters who were in tears as they celebrated the coalition’s long awaited victory.

The supporters filled the streets at the headquarters as they listened and sung songs of unity and hugged each other. They believe the time has come for the racial divide to be bridged if Guyana is to truly move forward. The youths who supported the coalition told iNews that they are happy to see a change and intend to hold the new dispensation accountable.

Meanwhile, the older supporters noted that the work has now begun and a lot of repairs have to be done to reform this country and take it higher.

APNU+AFC Supporters celebrating.
APNU+AFC Supporters celebrating.

Meanwhile, one of the coalition’s Co-campaign Chairman, Joseph Harmon, arrived at the headquarters shortly after the news was announced and greeted the cheerful supporters.
He explained that, “it seems as if we have crossed a step in the life of this country that something different is happening, we felt spiritually motivated and the people pushed us to this point.”

The declaration of the results is expected to be made tomorrow.



  1. you forget in the days it was more worst than now it was more free than ever where you have been seen more development and even much to say small man is even owning their own home and car and you can even now can now go the bank and take a loan to make purchase of any whether home or car or any other. thanks to the ppp/c government

  2. The Coalition has done it,as was expected,but Guyana has won,it is a well deserved VICTORY.It is most unfortunate,though,that Ramotar seems not to understand what has taken place,he is a poor loser.Even the observers who he invited here to oversee these elections know what the RESULT is, they told him so,but he still can`t believe.When he WAKES UP FROM HIS DEEP SLUMBER,he may realize where he is.

  3. Oh the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

    My best wishes go out to the President and his Cabinet, also the people of Guyana. Remember it all starts with you and depends on you to effect the change we so desire. I hope you are all prepared for the long hall.

  4. There should be an economic means test of all former high level government officials including the past president. Simply put “how did your government salary afford your lifestyle and assets acquired while in office or as a result of office previously held”?

  5. free at last free at last thank god guynese are free at last. let the truth commission begin. let the healing begin

  6. it was time for a change. many guyanese in california are following the events in our motherland. now its time to clean the mess and move forward in unity. guyana was always meant to be a classical example of multi-ethnicity in the new world. where did we go wrong??????????????? a great opportunity to fix this now.

    AS ONE.

  8. Congratulations ” Mr, President” and all members of your team. The journey has just begun. Much success.

  9. Good riddance to the evil rubbish of the ppp gov’t. Congratulations to the newly elected President & Prime Minister. GECOM do the honorable thing and swear in our new President. Stop playing games with the people of Guyana. The people have spoken and you must abide by the votes. Stop delaying any further. Let the new administration get to work rooting out the corrupt friends and family who stole and got away with land, et al.

  10. Congrats from the diaspora in Florida. I know Brig Granger is capable, and with the charismatic Mr. Nagamootoo, Guyana is perched to take off to new heights.
    I wish you Godspeed!!!!!


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