Father, son allegedly assault Police Officers at Leguan Station…investigation launched


Two police officers on duty at the Leguan Police Station, Region Three, are still recovering from assault wounds which were allegedly inflicted on their bodies by a father and son last Friday night.

assaultDeputy Commander of ‘G’ Division, Cadet Officer Gordon, told INews that the two perpetrators had been arrested and placed on bail as the probe into the matter continues.

Gordon explained that he, along with two other ranks, is presently investigating the assault case. He said the statements given by the father and son are conflicting.

A source told INews that on Friday night last, the two men entered the police station compound and ‘created a scene.’ “They walked in there and started beating up the police officers. It had two police men in there and they get badly beaten up. No matter what, the man and his son should be jailed or given appropriate sentences,” the source said.

It is not clear as yet as to what may have led to the alleged assault on the two police officers.



  1. It is about time Leguan residents demand respect from the parasites in the from of Police that have been taking advantage of law abiding citizens since 1966. 99% of the Police Officers stationed at Leguan have not graduated from High School; can’t read and write properly. Who in Guyana can claim that we have Law abiding Police and GDF forces since 1966? They are a pack of lazy hooligans living off the hard work of honest and innocent Citizens.



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