House approves Region One’s budget…emphasis on health, education and roads


The National Assembly today approved Region One’s (Barima /Waini) Budget to the tune of  2.345B.

The Government said that developments in the education, infrastructure and health sectors will be emphasised.

The sum was approved after great scrutiny from the Political Opposition, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), with questions being defended by Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan.

budget 2Breakdown follows:


For infrastructure development an amount of $342.8M was allocated for several upgrades. Of this sum $35.446M was set aside for bridges. This sum will facilitate the payment for retention and the completion of the Hosororo Bridge along with the rehabilitation of bridges at Papaya and Arocuro. An amount of $31M was allocated for the construction of roads in Mabaruma and Moruca.

Further, $20M will spent on upgrading the Hosororo, Wauna and Sugar Hill electricity distribution networks.


The sum of $1.132B will be spent on improving the region’s education sector. Of this sum, $65.29M will be expended on payment of retention, completion of living quarters at Port Kaituma and Santa Rosa, along with the sanitary block at Baramita Primary school. Under this project, there will also be the construction of a secondary school at Waramuri and extension works to the nursery schools at Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge.

An amount of $16.535M will be used to purchase school furniture and equipment.


Better health care will also be provided through a provision of $694.5M. Of this sum, $52.045M will be spent on retention, completion of an x-ray room at the Kumaka health centre, along with the completion of a sanitary block at Falls Top. In also caters for the construction of a mortuary at Pakera, health posts at Powaikuru and Warapoka, along with an administrative building at Mabaruma, and the construction of health posts and living quarters at Katchikamo.

Under infrastructural development in the area of health, $26M is allocated for the provision of incinerators and oxygen supply tanks. Provision of sanitary blocks at Koko, Cabrora, Santa Cruz, Sebai, Wauna, Yarakita, Kamwatta and Chinese Landing is also catered for under this allocation.

Regional Administration and Finance, received $175,988.

In 2015, Region One received a total of $1.868B.




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