Family of four homeless following fire


By Tracey Khan – Drakes


Fire 2[] – A family of four is now homeless following a fire that completely gutted the small wooden structure at Lot 183 Middle Road, Sideline Dam, La Penitence, Georgetown.

The fire started at around 14:45hrs, today, Friday December 19. The origin of the fire is unknown at the time. The house is located behind another one in the yard.

When iNews arrived at the scene, the woman who occupies the house at the front of the yard, Marcell Wilberg, explained that she was not at home when the fire started; however, when she arrived, she found it in disarray.

“When I came I saw my house open, everybody around here come and kick open the door to help save it because it started to catch fire…the windows at the back damage and if you see the water damage because they were trying to save it.”Fire 1

Meanwhile, one of the occupants of the destroyed house, Faith King told iNews that residents from the area assisted her in saving a mini refrigerator. She was not at home when the fire started, but blamed her daughter for the fire.

“I don’t know nothing, I left Chine [daughter] in me house and she is the cause of me house burning down,” King told iNews.

She is at a lost as to what her next move will be, since she lost everything in the fire. An argument ensued among family members as blame was being shifted from person to another.




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