U.S. Embassy Presents second Shipment of Communication Equipment to GDF

Charge Hunt presents equipment to Brigadier Phillips


Charge Hunt presents equipment to Brigadier Phillips
Charge Hunt presents equipment to Brigadier Phillips

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In a short ceremony held at Camp Ayanganna today, December 19, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’ Affaires Bryan Hunt presented Guyana Defence Force Brigadier Mark Phillips with the second shipment of a communications package to the Guyana Defence Force.

The package, consisting of hundreds of car-mounted and handheld Motorola radios and accessories, was donated to the Defence Force and the Government of Guyana. The value of the equipment donated in September was $250,000 USD and this donation tripled that value at $750,000, bringing the total to $1M USD, or 200M GYD.

In brief remarks Chargé Hunt expressed his strong desire to continue building on the excellent bilateral security relationship the U.S. shares with Guyana, and he hoped that the communications equipment could be used in a wide variety of ways including the battle on drug trafficking.

Brigadier Phillips graciously accepted the equipment, thanking the U.S. Government for their continued support to the country and the GDF as they continue to improve and enhance their capabilities. He cited the possible use of the equipment in next year’s elections and is confident their use will help the communication process.

The presentation is one of a long list of activities demonstrating the strong relationship between the Guyana Defence Force, the U.S. Embassy’s Security Cooperation Office, and the Florida National Guard State Partnership Program.

This particular equipment was donated by the St. Augustine Police Department and St. John’s County Sherriff’s Office in Florida. The past year has featured multiple engagements between the Florida National Guard State Partnership Program and the Guyana Defence Force in a number of areas.

U.S. Army Captain Lawrence Fischer, the State Partnership Program Manager for Guyana, and highly instrumental in securing the communications equipment, stated that the Florida National Guard continues to support efforts in Guyana and looks forward to more opportunities in the near future with the Guyana Defence Force.




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