Families demand justice after brutal murders of Berbice teens

MURDERED: Isaiah and Joel Henry

The gruesome murder of two teenagers at Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice (WCB) sparked outrage in the community on Sunday resulting in a fiery protest calling for justice to be served.

The badly-mutilated bodies of 16-year-old Isaiah Henry and 19-year-old Joel Henry were discovered almost one day after they went missing. They reportedly left on Friday to pick coconuts in the backdam.
Their disappearance prompted family members to launch several search parties to look for them. After hours of searching, the badly-chopped bodies were discovered among the bushes and were partially covered in mud.

At the scene on Sunday, Isaiah’s father, Gladstone Henry, noted that “Friday night he tell me that he was going to the Backdam; well, we get place in the backdam, but I did not know that he would go to other people place.”

The father stated that he inquired after his son later on Friday after he did not return home.

“My son left around 05:30 pm. I went to work and came back and my wife told me that my son did not come back, but I say it was a normal thing, that he will go and come on his own time,” he explained.

However, Henry said after returning from a funeral on Saturday and his son still not home, he thought something was amiss.

“We left and go to the backdam and we search for him, but it was actually night… I know he going and pick coconut because he left with a bar and a cycle,” the dead teen’s father related.

On Sunday morning, a search party went back to look for the two teens, but the mission was unsuccessful.

However, the family found peeled coconuts, which was enough evidence to prove that they had been in the area and as such, a report was made at the Police Station.

The search party went back and it was then Henry saw the hole created when one peels coconuts using an iron bar.

“It is not a fat hole like if they use a stick to peel the coconut, is a fine hole in the ground. So, I know that it is an iron bar that was in the hole. On the dam, we see bicycle tracks and after he continued search we found him over on the other side.”

He explained that there was evidence that the murderer(s) were trying to cover their tracks as they moved the bodies from where the gruesome crime had taken place.

“From what I see is like they move the bodies from where their land is and carry it to another place to frame another person. But because these boys were so strong…there is blood from the dam to the area we found them.”

According to Henry, his son’s body, it had several wounds to the neck and face and he could not come up with a reason why someone would want his son dead.

“They butcher my son like a dog for two coconuts. Is three wounds on my son face. So, when we found him, we say that my cousin had to be somewhere close by.”

The other teen’s body was discovered some 600 feet away in a hole, face down. The body still had a bag on the back.

The bodies were brought out on Sunday and taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital. According to the older Henry, no one should have mutilated his son’s face as they did and he wants the perpetrators brought to justice.

The Police have since confirmed that a 57-year-old rice farmer of Cotton Tree was arrested.

According to police, there were what appeared to be blood stains on his property.