Eyewitness: The PNC serpent…



One great observer of the human condition with its omnipresent danger of sliding into unimaginable depravities once expanded on “the banality of evil”. She was referring to the incredible ordinariness of the German soldier Adolph Eichmann, who consigned most of the six million Jews to be murdered in concentration camps. The act was unquestionably evil as you can get – but the man responsible was so BANAL, not only in his demeanour but in his life. The lesson, of course, is that evil isn’t necessarily done only by folks with horns and tails!!

And this brings Moses Nagamootoo to your Eyewitness’s mind as he reads the man’s latest excretions in his Chronic column. So banal…yet so evil. Said Nagamootoo: “The APNU+AFC Coalition of Parties has stated that it remains “open to dialogue” on the way forward for Guyana.” It, “was both an invitation to the major opposition PPP for talks and a curtain-raiser to what seems to be a positive signal for power-sharing.” Notice the vapid third-person stance – as if he’s some bystander and not the person solely responsible for the PNC to once again have their knee on the necks of the Guyanese people.

This man (?) totally destroyed the possibility of “shared governance” in Guyana to satisfy his venality and greed. His – and Ramjattan’s – AFC gave the PNC the critical 10% to allow the coalition to govern from 2015. More pertinently, they gave Granger the opportunity to announce to the world that they had a “national coalition”, since they were bringing in Indians to join the PNC’s monolithic African-Guyanese support base. This was going to be a ground-breaking “power sharing” agreement starting from the top where Granger would concede chairing of Cabinet meetings with him and the AFC would get 40% of the Ministries. It was even signed, sealed and delivered on Valentine’s Day as the “Cummingsburg Accord”.

But from day one when he and Ramjattan were given “Larwah” – in the words of their old comrade Donald Ramotar – neither of them even grunted!! Nagamootoo was never allowed to Chair Cabinet and Ramjattan’s Home Affairs Ministry was split down the middle with half going to Winston Felix and the remainder directly run by Granger. He couldn’t even say “coo” when Granger refused his recommendation for COP – after decapitating the entire top brass of the GPF and replacing them with his loyalists!!

But Nagamootoo let the cat out of the bag when he confessed, “For Guyanese citizens, not versed in nuances of political opportunism or skullduggery, the call for dialogue at this time is an SOS distress signal.”

A distress signal all right – from an evil man trying to save not his “soul” but his “a55”!!

…speaks with forked tongue

Nagamootoo continued with his third-person account when he wrote “The Coalition said it is (making its offer) “in the national interest, and with a view to maintaining stability and peace”. It assured further that “the APNU+AFC Coalition is prepared to act responsibly to bring a resolution to the ongoing political situation”. Can you believe this snake??

“The on-going political situation,” he announced, “of course is the prolonged delay in the declaration of results for the March 2 elections, including a 33-day recount process and attendant legal proceedings, that have combined to place Guyana in its deepest crisis ever.” Who created the “ongoing political situation”? Has he listened to Caricom, the US, EU, UK, Canada, the OAS, Commonwealth, etc?? The man had the temerity to cite the opinion of Jimmy Carter yet his government refused to allow the Carter Center from returning to observe the recount!!

Are they all wrong, with the PNC and Moses Nagamootoo right??

No…but he’s just trying to save his 33 pieces of silver!!

…attacks GECOM’s Chair

After their scorched earth tactics to everyone saying they cheated, the PNC’ve now turned on GECOM Chairwoman Claudette Singh. They’re livid she wants Lowenfield to use the recount numbers.

And make the PPP win? Jezebel!!