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It’s rather rich for the PNC types to tag the PPP as being irredeemably corrupt when in only three years there have been more acknowledged instances of corruption than in the entire 23 years of the PPP regime. Sure the PPP had instances of corruption – that’s inevitable any government not made up of angels. But if the PPP ACTUALLY were so corrupt, how come there hasn’t been a SINGLE conviction in three years? And it hasn’t been for lack of trying!!

There were the FIFTY forensic audits; there were two specialised agencies launched – SARA and SOCU – at the cost of billions. But yet the PNC keeps on going on about “corruption” by the PPP during its term of office. It has to be a case of what Freud calls “projection”! You know…you feel guilty about some shameful act you did, and you vehemently accuse others of committing that very act, to show that you’re not bent that way!

Fact of the matter is that the PNC was birthed from corruption and corruption, therefore, is part and parcel of its institutional genetic makeup. Was it not “corruption” to facilitate the externally-funded coup that ousted the PPP in 1964? And it was from original corruption that all PNC’s subsequent actions were poisoned by corruption. Like rigging elections for 28 years and corrupting their supporters’ minds by making that OK.

When you do that to people, their ability to take a moral position on wrongs even in their own lives becomes corrupted. And that’s what the PNC did to our entire society. The dictatorship lied about every action they took and forced the people to “believe” them. Pretty soon no one could tell right from wrong! And it’s this moral blindness the PNC’s projecting onto the PPP right now, as their corruption flowed reflexively the moment they entered office.

The D’Urban Park “Stadium”? How many hundreds of millions are still unaccounted for?
The US$18 million “bonus” signed in secret for the 5bbl oil giveaway and secreted away?

Then there was the $632 million Pharma contract with ANSA; the bottom-house pharma warehouse; the Demerara Harbour “swing” bridge; and not to mention the under-invoicing fuel scam that’s still going on.

How can the PNC talk about corruption in the PPP when that party had to work miracles to remove the US$2.1 billion debt the former left us saddled with.
Have they no shame?

…of violence

Another instance of “projection” playing out by the PNC is to claim “under the PPP” hundreds of persons were murdered – and implying they were mostly African choir boys. But what’s never mentioned is how and by whom the killing spree started.

From the moment the PPP won the free and fair elections in 1992, the PNC created a climate of hate against the new administration. For instance, by trumpeting claims of “ethnic cleansing” in the public service, conveniently ignoring that Hoyte started the downsizing – which was ordered by the IMF.

After they lost the 1997 elections, it was in the hostile climate of PNC violent protests that 31 businessmen were murdered in 1999 alone. Then, of course, came the PNC ‘slow fyah; mo’ fyaah’ that resulted in dozens of policemen and civilians killed in the frontal attack on the State by the “Breakout Mash 5”. Why not mention these?

For it was under this cover the drug lords launched their grab for turf.

…for City Hall profligacy

Once again, the PNC central government has bailed out City Hall – this time to the tune of $100 million, for garbage collected. Never mind they’re facilitating rampant corruption and nepotism by the PNC gang.

For refusing to fund this corruption, the PPP’s blamed for being “racist”!!


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