‘We will bring back progress to this country’- PPP/C presidential candidate

FILE: A section of the massive crowd that gathered in support of the PPP at a previous rally
PPP’s Presidential candidate Irfaan Ali

Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), former Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali said he was committed to the task of leading his party to an election victory and carrying out its policies to create jobs, expand economic growth, and reopen the closed sugar estates that have left thousands of Guyanese jobless.

Ali, who was speaking at an impromptu public meeting held on Sunday in his hometown Leonora, West Coast Demerara which saw thousands of supporters, said he remained humbled by the fact that he was chosen to lead the Party at the next elections as its presidential candidate.

“I will not disappoint you or my party. I will not disappoint the leadership. I will work hard to ensure leadership for the People’s Progressive Party. I assure you I will not be lazy. I assure you I will not buckle under any circumstances. I will stand with this party and I will stand with all of our supporters and any threat that comes our way,” Ali said to a cheering crowd on Sunday.

Making reference to the race for the presidential nomination, Ali said his contenders were all valuable members of the PPP/C and although he came out victorious, he was happy with the fact that they have given their commitment to support him. “All of these comrades showed that together we are a team; a combination of competencies that will ensure…that we deliver on all of our promises to the people of Guyana.”

In highlighting the hardship facing many Guyanese who were affected by the closure of several sugar estates, Ali also gave a commitment to have these estates reopened. “We will correct the wrong and make right the injustices to the sugar workers all across Guyana. We are going to restore benefits to you. This is a promise to you. This is a joy today. I come from a party that has done so much for Guyana. The youths and women building a Guyana that is inclusive,” he added.

A section of the massive crowd that gathered in support of the PPP

But Ali told the gathering that he stood committed to the direction and leadership of the Party and the manifesto, promising to deliver on all the promises made. He also praised the Party’s General Secretary, saying he was an asset to the PPP/C.

“As the presidential candidate, I would be foolish to have the greatest asset and not use it. This is not Irfaan Ali’s moment; it is all of our moment.”

In providing a prelude to what Guyanese can expect from the PPP/C manifesto, Ali, a trained economist, promised to change “all those bad politics that took away income from our people. So, that more resources could be made available to people, creating more opportunities for them.”

“We have seen the economic decline and the social circumstances, because of the closure of the sugar estates. We will correct the wrong, and we will make right the injustices made out against sugar workers all across Guyana,” Ali told a massive crowd that erupted in cheers.

Ali said another promise and commitment of his party is to deal with corruption. In making reference to the US$18 million signing bonus from ExxonMobil that Government failed to declare, Ali said if he won the presidency, he would make it criminal for the non-declaration of Guyana’s natural resources.

He went on to say that his party would also create a platform that would ensure social and economic justice. “We have to build social programmes and these include the pension system, removal of Value Added Tax on essential services. These are things we have to restore.”

But more significantly, Ali said if the PPP/C was returned to Government, it would be creating more than 50,000 new jobs all across the country. “We will be creating through the use of ICT and education platform so that people could have education via distance learning,” he added.

Ali also gave a commitment to have US$500 million invested in Guyana from year one under the PPP/C.

“We did this before oil and gas and we will do it even better on a much larger scale with oil and gas. We will build mega farms and increase rice production and provide incentives… These are the types of plans and programmes that will break us through into the future and create a wave of economic wealth and well-being for our people,” he added.

The former Housing Minister said he would work on a plan to deliver thousands more house lots across the country and the construction of a deep-water harbour particularly one that would connect Guyana and Brazil. He said he would work to improve the health-care system which has been under massive decline under the coalition Government, and recommence the construction of the Specialty Hospital project.

“We are going to launch not only training programme in the medical field but we are going to find the brightest that we will develop the skill sets to take the country forward. This is the commitment of your PPP/C Government. We will bring back progress to this country of ours,” he stated. (Samuel Sukhnandan)


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