Eyewitness: Manufactured ignorance…


…by the PNC

One way to keep people under your thumb is to keep them ignorant. Men all over controlled women by “keeping them barefooted and pregnant”, and leaders ensured that hicks never got to see the bright lights of the city, so they’d remain happy with the pigs on the farm. And pigs, we know, are happiest when they’re knee deep in sh*t! But as radio, movies, TV, and finally social media permeated even the most remote hamlet, it became impossible to hide the fact that one didn’t HAVE to live in do-do.

But that didn’t stop men from controlling others. Using the old, tried and true dictum that “a sucker is born every minute”, democracy ironically became a new way of keeping unwary folks in thrall: by MANUFACTURING ignorance. They discovered that ignorance wasn’t just NOT KNOWING what’s going on, but could also result in feeding folks horse sh*t and convincing them that it was “KNOWLEDGE”! In caps even!!

Take, for instance, right here in Guyana. Our “land of six peoples” was united after WWII about throwing out the British to run the country by ourselves. Until, of course, Burnham – who’d mastered the art of manufacturing ignorance from an old master named Machiavelli – convinced African-Guyanese that he should be LEADER. Not because he was just an out-and-out, conniving megalomaniac, but he was “doing it for them”!! This was all manufactured ignorance, because though he “tacked and turned” with every whim of the British and the US – and these were the words of the latter! – he had “his people” believe Jagan was their enemy.

But the proof of the pudding on manufactured ignorance came after Burnham and the PNC benefited from a “constitutional coup” by the British, and took power in 1964. Burnham and his successors absolutely destroyed the country and all its institutions – with the people (all people) walking around with “white mouth” – yet, in 1992, in the first “free and fair” elections in 28 years, the PNC received the same percentage of votes they’d garnered back in 1964!! And this was in the face of the most profound activist in politics to come out of Guyana – Walter Rodney, who just happened to also be African-Guyanese – trying to open up people’s eyes. That’s the power of manufactured ignorance!!

And so here we are in 2021, almost a quarter of a century into the new millennium, and the PNC are still shovelling BS to their supporters. And they’re lapping it up. And your Eyewitness isn’t even talking about their BS that they didn’t try to rig the elections of March 2, 2020.
Imagine them convincing followers that the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t genuine!!

…and vaccines

So, let’s talk a bit about vaccines in general. Viruses have been around even longer than mankind, so, obviously, they had been infecting us and causing illnesses from the beginning. Yes, dear readers, Neanderthals were also hit by viruses. But as far as fighting them, it wasn’t till 1796 that one fella named Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids who had contracted COWPOX – similar to the human SMALLPOX – were immune to smallpox.

Jenner’s eureka moment came when he figured out that the infected milkmaids had produced SOMETHING within their bodies that could fight the smallpox virus. So, as knowledge of what that SOMETHING was became known – a complex process by the cells of our body’s auto-immune system that coaxed the similar virus or later a denatured one -vaccines became widespread. So we conquered once feared diseases like polio, which was prevalent in Guyana into the late 1950s. Who in Guyana haven’t received their MMR shots?
So, you’d think by now we’d have been resistant to PNC’s manufactured ignorance.
But a fool…

…on Caricom’s “free movement”

It’s an open secret that Haitians and Cubans are being trafficked through Guyana. The new “visa” requirement for them will simply require that they have the means of staying in Guyana.
That’s “racist”?