Local Govt Ministry played no part in removing ‘Demico House’, ‘Discount’ vendors

The removal of vendors from Demico House area

See full statement from the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development:

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (MLGRD) notes an erroneous article published in today’s Stabroek News (April 29, 2024) captioned “Vendors stalls removed from outside Demico House, Discount Store in joint M&CC, Local Gov’t Ministry operation.”

The Ministry wishes to categorically state that it played no part in the exercise to remove those vendors. This was as a result of legal proceedings and had no input from the Ministry, as was claimed in the article by the Mayor of Georgetown, Alfred Mentore.

At no time was there any communication between the Mayor and City Council and the MLGRD on this matter. The mayor’s comments were clearly devoid of facts and aimed at misleading the nation and creating mischief.

It is quite regrettable that Stabroek News failed to reach out to the MLGRD before going to press with this article.

Nonetheless, the Ministry continues to hold the media in esteemed regard and appeals to journalists to practice fair and proper journalism by verifying content prior to dissemination.

The Ministry calls for a full retraction and correction of the article.

The media is reminded that both Ministers Sonia Parag and Anand Persaud are accessible, should reporters need confirmation or clarity on any matter that falls under their purview.
Added to that, the Ministry also has an active communications unit that can be reached at 592-625-3257 at any time.