EYEWITNESS: Looking across…at the US Elections


If you’re a PNC supporter, then for sure you’re following every twist and turn in the US Elections – including the debates, the non-debates, the walk-out from network interviews, and the rallies that aren’t rallies. You’re doing that because you’ve been convinced by your leaders that they were ousted by the Trump Administration, and not because they pi55ed off the swing votes brought in by the AFC and a conciliatory 2015 campaign. And if Trump sinks and Biden swims, then the latter will kick out the PPP!!

Now, even if you weren’t following the US elections so avidly because you’re PPP, your Eyewitness knows your relatives over in New Yawk have been keeping you abreast. Cause they’re worried that the PNC and their camp followers may be right! Well, it’s time your Eyewitness sets y’all straight.

As our very hands-on US Ambassador has taken pains to tell us, when it comes to foreign policy, America doesn’t have permanent enemies or permanent friends – just permanent interests.

Granted the PNC nabobs might’ve been focusing for obvious reasons on their Mingo manoeuvre – but where in the world did they get the idea that those permanent interests change from administration to administration – even when it’s from Republican to Democrats??  Let’s not go too far away: did Obama and his Democrats have a different policy towards Venezuela than Trump?? Didn’t he impose the sanctions which Trump and his Republicans merely continued?? And ditto for Afghanistan, which they both promised “not to lose”??

So, let’s get this straight, shall we?? Whatever strategic interests the US have in Guyana – and it’s ALWAYS a strategic interest that matters, not who smiles more at Pompeo! – those interests are always supported by whoever’s in the Oval Office, Democrat or Republican. So, if it’s democratic elections in Guyana, or it’s the oil that’s sloshing around under our Atlantic real estate, or it’s that same real estate that’s right smack next to Venezuela where the US wants regime change, nothing’s gonna change, whether the US President is Biden or Trump. Get that?

The question, then, is: Would the PPP be so daft as to do an about-turn and quit doing what they did to earn the Americans’ trust as far as their strategic interests were concerned?

Hardly…since all they did was to insist that Mingo shouldn’t insult the US and try to steal an election right under their noses!!

And since the next General Election is five years away, the PPP can be quite sanguine, no matter who wins the US elections. As far as they’re concerned, the contest is between Tweedledum and Tweedledee!!

The PNC’s betting on a horserace where they can’t win!!

…at the real 007

Well, it had to happen one day: the man who created the indelible image of what the ultimately cool James Bond was all about – Sean Connery – is no more. Your Eyewitness was a fan of the original novels by Ian Fleming, and so when he tells you young whippersnappers that Sean Connery brought Bond alive out of those pages, he knows of what he speaks.

The ones who followed him – Roger Moore, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan and (God forbid!) George Lazenby and David Niven! – just didn’t measure up by your Eyewitness’s standards.

There’s his answer to that most mundane question as to his name: “The name is Bond; James Bond.” Or to, “what do you drink?” – “A Martini. Shaken, not stirred.” That did more for Gin sales than anything since Prohibition!!

But the one that’s quite topical right now is, “There’s a saying in England: Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.” As you know, dear reader, we have that same saying in Guyana also.
As our local 007 should know after the talk about US$1M!!

…the political divide

There’s no question that we have a serious political mismatch in Guyana right now. Granger and his army brain trust just can’t get it right against the PPP.

Their moves after the NCM were never more than crude bullyism.