Eyewitness: Laff story…


…in Guyanese politics

There’s an old and profound Guyanese proverb that was a favourite of your Eyewitness’ father: “all skin-teeth na laff”. So while a lot of folks from across the aisles are rolling on the floor over the infighting in the PNC – hoping they’ll be finished for good, it’s really no joke as far as our country’s concerned. We’ve got to get it in our heads that if we want our parliamentary democracy to function, a viable opposition is ABSOLUTELY necessary. If for nothing else than keeping the incumbent government on its toes by critiquing its policies and proffering alternative solutions to posed challenges.

Your Eyewitness just received a screenshot of a post by a fervent Guyanese PNC supporter from “foreign”, who lambasted (in all CAPS!) David Granger for having, “No BACKBONE, CANNOT ANALYSE DIFFICULT SITUATIONS AND COME UP WITH ANSWERS, REFUSES TO TAKE ADVICE FROM QUALIFIED &COMPETENT ASSISTANTS” TO LEAD THEIR PNCR PARTY IN GUYANA??? The fella ended plaintively, “WHY??? WHY??? WHY??? WHY???

So your Eyewitness will tell him why! In a word, the fault, dear PNC supporter, lies in Burnham – the PNC founder leader. And the supporter sadly and unwittingly placed his finger on this fatal fault when he noted, “wannabe” PNC leaders “love shouting the word COMRADE & AND INVOKING FORBES BURNHAM TO GAIN CREDIBILITY”. The question not asked, of course, is why do prospective leaders invoke Burnham’s name? “There is none so blind as those who would not see”!!

They do so, dear readers, because they still believe in the infallibility of Burnham and refuse to look objectively at the man’s record to realize that unless and until they recognise Burnham’s fatal flaws that must be jettisoned, their efforts are doomed to amount to naught. As was all of Burnham’s “brilliant” plans by the time he passed on that operating table at the “Big Hospital”.

What did Burnham’s betrayal of the nationalist movement to become an agent of the colonizers do for us? PNC leaders must accept that when it comes to our sovereignty, they can’t run with the hare and hunt with the fox at the same time. Feed, house and clothe the nation?? Ha!! a more specifically, Burnham must be condemned for Granger’s failings. Who was it who took a callow 19-year old, sent him to Mons and insisted on absolute loyalty – up to swearing personal loyalty to him! – from 1965 to 1985?? When was Granger – or any other leader in the PNC ever given an opportunity to have an independent opinion??
How long did Carter, Kennard, Kwayana, Llewelyn John, Jainarine Singh, Latchmansingh, et al last? Poor Desmond Hoyte had to wait till Burnham was dead.
Like Banquo, the ghost of Burnham must be exorcised!!

…on gas-to-shore

Your Eyewitness needs a good laugh every now-and-then during this pandemic – when so much of his peripatetic activities have been curtailed. He’s going with the science and not tempting the fates!! Anyhow, he fell to the floor laughing his head off when he read a commissioned report done for the Inter-American Development Bank, (IDB). Now these reports aren’t usually rib-ticklers but this one – which HAD to be done by foreigners – suggested that the US$900million gas-to-shore project should be done by GPL!!! That’s right…the same company who couldn’t organize 190 MW of relatable power for 60 years!!
Your Eyewitness just had another bout of the snickers thinking about GPL – which couldn’t even run a power line across the Demerara River!! Which planet did these consultants come from?? Bizzaro? Well, they did suggest that GPL would hire an Independent Power Producer (IPP) to do the actual work.
But wouldn’t GPL’s involvement be the kiss of death??

…and hemp

Your Eyewitness notes the Hemp Hype is still going strong. But they haven’t told us how they’ll ensure the plants will have less than .03% of THC that gives ganja its groove!!
Then again, though projected to grow, the hemp market just crashed!!