EYEWITNESS: Klepto State…


…metastasises into gambling

If it’s another day in Guyana ,then it has to be another bit of thiefin’ – by one or another Government agency or affiliate, if not a Minister and staff – exposed to the eyes of an incredulous populace. “Dem maan can THEEEEIF!!” It’s rather obvious now that all that hollering and screaming by APNU and AFC about the PPP thievery were projections of the sticky-fingered demons lurking in their fetid little minds.

Take the latest one coming from the already shady world of gambling. It’s not that your Eyewitness has seen movies about casinos in Vegas or Monte Carlo (he has!). But even from the staid business magazines he consumes, he’s gleaned that graft and casinos go together like “batty and po”! Meaning if a country or a city intends to introduce gambling, they’d better introduce and enforce some tough laws!

Well, your Eyewitness though Guyana had learnt this lesson when he read about that SleepIn fella being dragged over the coals (live ones!) by the properly empowered Gaming Authority. He even was told he had to cough up his financial transactions for the past seven years!! Can you imagine what would happen if the upstanding lawyer who heads the Gaming Authority were asked to do that? Heart attack time!! Just ask our head of the GRA!

Anyhow, your Eyewitness just confirmed the old folks knew what they were talking about when they said, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”. So if you can’t get the VERY expensive and stringent licence to run a casino – just work out an arrangement with a bar, install casino slot machines and VOILA!!! You have the best of all worlds! If you think about it, a casino’s basically a bar with slot machines, ain’t it? Didn’t you see Oceans 11, 12 and 13??!!

Buxom waitresses ply you with drinks and you then gamble the night away! Bearing in mind, the Golden Rule of Casinos – namely, “THE CASINO ALWAYS WIN”! –- bars would give their first-born to have slot machines installed. But since it’ll be “human trafficking” if first-borns are given away, we can only guess what passed below the table for THREE BARS to be given permission for slot machines!!

So, who gave the bars permission for gambling? The answer proves the klepto syndrome is alive and kicking with this Government’s minions. The Government says it’s between the Gaming Authority and the Guyana Lottery Company. But the Gaming Authority says, “Wasn’t us!! It’s between the Government and GLC!!”
The Chairman of the Gaming Authority is Roysdale Forde and his law partner’s wife is General Manager of the GLC.
Just coincidence!!


SOCU and SARA, those crack crime-fighting units deployed to bring the aforementioned “thiefin’ PPP to JUSTICE, have been in the news recently.

SOCU’s looking for space –- big space – from where it can launch its crack (not “cracked”!!) crime fighters for equity, justice and the Guyanese way!! As part of his public service obligations, your Eyewitness would like to assist them in this urgent task. We can’t afford to leave any corruption un-investigated.

So, SOCU, why don’t you check with Larry Singh about that 10,000 sq ft air-conditioned property in Albouystown that’ll soon be available – IF the Minister of Health’s to be believed. The hundreds of millions for acquiring and renting the property, etc, don’t have to be investigated – the Minister apologised. All’s forgiven.

Then SARA boasted they received 1000 applications for 23 jobs available. Now don’t think this means we have an unemployment problem. Finance Minister Jordan assures us there isn’t.

Patriotic Guyanese just want to get back the property stolen by those dastardly PPP!!

…and the Ming Swing

There was a report on the homeowners on the East Bank who’d be displaced by the Ming Swing Demerara Bridge. They’re resigned to their fate.
On the West Bank, Ming says he ain’t selling. Clever fella: he’s obviously holding out for more.



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