Eyewitness: Harmon the utensil…


…and Mingo

The charade’s been long over about who were behind the elections’ heist at Ashmins – they’d revealed themselves long before we found out who were paying the legal fees to defend the results emanating from the said heist. Take for instance, Lil Joe Harmon who’s pretending he’s no longer the “utensil” the late Owen Arthur called him when he dared insult Ralph Gonsalves, PM of St Vincent, for condemning the PNC rigging. “In this matter, Joe Harmon is a mere utensil and he’s out of order to be speaking to Caribbean leaders in the way in which he is,” Arthur has said tersely!!

By then, Harmon had revealed he had more than a partisan interest in the rig…he had serious skin in the game!! Why else would a clerk from GECOM call him – as he said at the time – to complain about “harassment” during the turmoil over the delayed tabulation of SoPs by Mingo? Who was he in the GECOM chain of command?? Heck…by then he wasn’t even in the OP, but in charge of the COVID Task Force!! Harmon was always Granger’s utensil to do the dirty while the latter kept his sanctimonious smirk on his face!!

Well, now that he’s been anointed by David (Granger) – the man who’d be King merely on his aloofness alone!! – as the heir apparent, Harmon’s taking a much more active role in defending Mingo – the man who actually did the dirty. Even though he had to’ve known that he was wanted by the Police for questioning in his rigging role – along with Volda Lawrence, Mingo remained locked away at his home in Belladrum, WCB. He didn’t show up when Volda appeared to face the music at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. As a result, the Police had to arrest him, bring him to Georgetown and then charge him for committing a “misdemeanour in public office”. Some who suffered through the five months thought it should’ve been for treason!

Anyway, according to the law, “When a person is charged with a crime and held in Police custody, they must be brought to the first available court for the court to decide whether they should continue to be held (remanded) in custody.” But it seems that even though he’s a lawyer, neither he nor Roysdale Forde, SC, knew that!! They were up in arms with other residents of Belladrum demanding that Mingo be released – even though the Police explained he’d have to be charged in Court today!!

In the meantime, encouraged by Harmon’s braggadocio, the residents of Belladrum have taken to clocking the Public Road and burning tyres!!

Shouldn’t the utensil be charged for incitement??

…and Volda

We know that Harmon’s playing favourites, since he hadn’t showed up to defend Volda’s honour last Monday when she showed up to face the music for her (fisherwoman’s) role at Ashmin’s, after Mingo’s sleight-of-hand with the tabulation. This proves that Harmon’s not too smart. Could you imagine how he would’ve disarmed Volda’s Amazonian Brigade if he’d appeared at her side?? But as your Eyewitness reported, he’s decided to divide and conquer the old guard in the PNC to become the Opposition Leader: he chose to co-opt Aubrey Norton.

There’s no love lost between Norton and Volda, of course, after the latter trounced the former in the PNC elections to be the Georgetown head honcho in 2009. But then Norton has more in common with Harmon the Utensil since he’d been dubbed by Hoyte as his “creature”, and when a Caribbean man of Arthur’s vintage uses the word “utensil”, he means “posey” or ‘tensil’!!

So, Dear Reader, we can expect Harmon to be fighting on two fronts:

Against the PPP and also Volda.

…and Granger

Does Harmon really believe he’s anything but a ‘tensil to Granger, the Brigadier under whom he served?

As a country boy, does he remember the distinction between “big bottles” and “small bottles” in the rum shops??