Eyewitness: Getting ready


…for cheap electricity

The Irfan Ali Government is proving to be a juggernaut on so many fronts to the tattered and battered remnants of the PNC, they’ve become “bassidy”! How else do you explain Winston Jordan’s daring to give advice to the PPP Government on borrowing policies – after running the Treasury dry with his wild and woolly decisions! Like giving away all those pieces of prime real estate all over the country without bothering to ask for payment!! With him as Finance Minister, it was like handing over the keys of the Bank to Blackie London!!

Anyhow the latest PPP initiative – to bring gas ashore from Payara and Stabroek – just received a huge shot in the arm with the news that Winston Brassington will be coordinating the effort. Because, you see, dear reader, Brassington is a “can do” kinda fella. He’s not like some of those “nevah see, come fuh see” who’re flitting around and promising us the moon and the sky. Nah! Brassington’s been there, done that!

In case some of you might’ve fallen asleep, it was Brassington who headed the construction of the Marriott Hotel back in 2012, and completed it within two years!! At the time, there were lots of critics – even pickets! – of the project by the APNU/AFC combine and their camp followers; but during their five years in Government, they made the place “home away from home”!! You couldn’t tear them away!!

Anyone who’s tried to build a house in Guyana can appreciate what Brassington achieved: nothing is done in this country, when it comes to keeping to standards, without blood, sweat and tears!! And that’s what this fella, who was also running NICIL at the time, did for our country. If there’s a Guyanese who doesn’t appreciate that we have a world class facility in the Marriott – and your Eyewitness means WORLD CLASS – then let them speak, or forever hold their peace!

So, let’s consider the enormity of what’s ahead with bringing the gas ashore. Do folks know that we’ll be getting this gas from 120 miles out, and that at that point – even though the gas will be sourced from the FPSOs – the pipeline will be more than a mile under water??!! Can you even imagine a mile of water over you? Just think of the pressure! And that pipeline may have to cross underground mountains and hills. Then there will be compressors along the way, to keep the gas flowing.

Not to mention tunnelling under the ground when it hits shore to be distributed to a new 200MW generating plant – or to GPL’s present generators.

There’s no one other than Brassington to make sure we do this in under two years!!

…to book Ramjattan on race talk

The ERC finally decided to do something about all this race talk that’s been flooding hyperspace via social media and other platforms – stirring up unrest in our long-suffering country. Y’all know what your Eyewitness thinks about this body that’s taking in $250,000,000 ANNUALLY to address our racial divisions – but just sits on its haunches. So finally, they’ve woken up! They’ve put up “WANTED” posters of a bunch of miscreants who crossed the (racial) line, and one of them was no one else but Khemraj Ramjattan!!

Yup, that’s right. The man who would’ve been PM (you think?) if the PNC had rigged is now wanted by the ERC. And we can be sure it’s not for uttering his trademark “Haul yuh ass!” We hope the ERC will start taking this race talk seriously – unlike how they handled the incitement in West Berbice by Granger and Harmon.

It’s your Eyewitness’s considered opinion that Ramjattan must be hauled in by the Police if he doesn’t show up by this morning!

…for hemp?

Looks like one of the small parties wasn’t just hustling for votes (they received 244 votes from the ENTIRE country!) but also lobbying for its chief financier’s pet project – industrial hemp!

So how much clout do 244 votes earn?