Eyewitness: Desperately seeking…



Everything in Guyana is now high drama – especially with the usually mundane matter of the Police trying to get folks to visit them. Seems that hardly a day goes by when one person or other isn’t in the news about the Police trying to get in touch with them but just can’t make contact. And here your Eyewitness thought that, with everyone having a cell phone in this day of liberalized telecommunications and total connectivity, this would’ve been a thing of the past. Like, you know, when, back in the day, you had to send a message over radio to let someone ‘in the bush’ that you wanted to see them. Or like using newspaper ads in the old flick “Desperately seeking Susan”!

But maybe all this drama is to be expected after the high drama at Ashmins – especially since it involved the same cast of characters now in the news with the Police! It all started innocuously enough, after the voting was over and all that was left was to tally the SOPs from Region 4. Now, even though unexpected, that was some drama we saw, wasn’t it? And performed in front of some of the biggest names in and out of Guyana!! The plot was simple, since all it required was for some characters to perform their roles that had been rehearsed every five years since 1992.

The problem, of course, was when some of the major players decided to vary from the script and ad lib!! And this is what brings us to the present drama with the Police, doesn’t it? Mingo decided he was going to have the vapours, check out his heart at the GPHC, and throw the carefully crafted script out of whack. This gave some stock characters opportunity to move from the background to centre stage – like the fella with the flash-drive and the extra laptop. You have to gasp at the sheer effrontery of Mingo, as he brought out that stained bedsheet later in the night!!

And what could beat the drama when the final song was to be belted out from the balcony and it was discovered that Volda had gratuitously affixed her signature to the lyrics!! The cuss-down between the usually phlegmatic Frank and fiery Volda, of course, is now legendary!! As was the insistence of Lowenfield in the epilogue to submit seven different endings to Chairman Claudette!

And we return now to the Police getting the royal runaround just to ask the main characters of the Ashmin drama some questions about how and why they varied the script on that fateful day.

As Harry Truman said, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!

…to save our girl children

We commemorated the International Day of the Girl Child a couple of days ago; and, as usual, your Eyewitness waited a bit to see what the powers-that-be would be doing. Because, if any country in the world needs to pull its socks up on how it treats its girl children, we’re right up there with those that marry them off even before they hit puberty.

From reports in the press, the war against girl children is waged on two fronts – physical violence against them, and sexual abuse against them. It’s clear that something is very sick in our society when girl BABIES can be raped. And as for the beatings of the young girls barely in their teens by their “boyfriends”, how can the word “friend” be applied by so many grown-ass men who groom them to exploit their vulnerabilities.

We should bring back castration.

…our Suriname border

Your Eyewitness is quite a bit surprised that the editors of some newspapers allowed one “know it all” to question your Eyewitness’s statement on the legal boundary between Suriname and us.

No, it’s not the usual “thalweg” or median of the Corentyne River – but actually the low water mark over on our side.