ECD man arrested after Police find bag with 103 grams of ganja

The narcotics found

Ranks of Regional Division #4C have arrested a male following the discovery of a bag containing 103 grams of marijuana at Buxton, East Coast Demerara.

The discovery was made on Friday last when an Inspector and a party of Police ranks conducted a ‘cordon and search’ exercise at ‘Spliff Street’ Buxton, where several areas along the street were searched.

During the exercise, ranks found one black plastic bag containing a quantity of Ziploc bags, each containing leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be Cannabis. When weighed, the Cannabis amounted to 103.1 grams.

The bag with Cannabis was found on the western parapet in the vicinity of a 25-year-old male Labourer of Friendship, ECD. He, along with the narcotics, was escorted to the Vigilance Police Station. Investigation ongoing