Berbice tattoo artist busted with 436 grams marijuana


Police ranks in Berbice conducted a Cordon and Search Operation between 12:30 and 13:00h on Saturday, during which they arrested a tattoo artist from Rose Hall Town with 436 grams of suspected Marijuana.

The ranks, acting on information received, went to the home of Nicholson Samaroo, a 29-year-old tattoo artist from Mattai Street, Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, Berbice, situated in a completely fenced yard.

As the ranks arrived at the gate, Samaroo was seen standing about five (5) feet away from where the ranks were. He picked up a bulky pink plastic and threw it into a clump of bushes. One of the ranks picked up and opened the plastic bag in the presence of Samaroo, and it was found to contain a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be Cannabis.
Samaroo was told of the offence committed and cautioned. He was arrested and taken to the Rose Hall Town Police Station, where the suspected Cannabis was weighed and amounted to four hundred and thirty-six (436) grams.

Samaroo was placed into custody and is slated to be charged.