Early elections will ease parliamentary stalemate – iNews Poll



Chart[www.inewsguyana.com] – The majority of iNews participants believe that early election is needed in Guyana in order to end the parliamentary stalemate facing the country.

iNews asked: Would the holding of early national elections ease the parliamentary stalemate in Guyana?

In response, 63 percent voted ‘yes’, 34 percent voted ‘no’ and a mere three percent of participants were undecided.

The political opposition parties – A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) have a one seat majority over the government in the National Assembly.

This has since seen the Opposition challenging a number of Bills tabled by government more specifically the Anti – Money Laundering and Countering of Financing Terrorism Amendment Bill.

In addition, the parliamentary opposition has also slashed the country’s 2012, 2013 and 2014 budgets.





  1. judge ..im not ppp im not pnc and most certainly im not afc..i call it as i see it…let me give it to you direct..if i had to choose the lesser of 2 evils i would choose ppp…why??? so far ppp didnt not ban foods from its citizens..ppp have debts that it can repay..guyana is not run on 4 cents for every dollar it collects while 96 goes to servicing debts..guyana is no longer running neck n neck with haiti to be poorest..you can call me judge too if i say you are a pnc and you might want guyaense going back to the days of Guy line where most Guyanese wore white yazzy mouths sports swell bellies and that beri beri thing you know…all under pnc..your political party..if you vote afc then you are still pnc since there are only two..ppp and pnc…

  2. I read your comments all the time. One minute your pro government next your some what in the middle. Do you really feel like Guyana would get worse with the opposition in power.? To me Gray your a PPP supporter and that’s great, but at the he same time its time to go . The 28 and now 23 years in power is just hurting the people and this great country .

  3. what happens if early elections were to be called and the same results?
    what if PNC threatened that there will be no Guyana should PPP win and do not share Governance with it?
    what if PNC threatened violence should PPP call for recount before election results declared?
    from all indication the last election was fixed to make it the way it is at present.
    i read a report where on stabroek news blog site bloggers were declaring minority PPP Government on election night when in fact election results never declared until days after.
    then days after we heard 19 polling stations in PPP stronghold never even counted.
    then on election night the UK Ambassador was running up and down the streets of Georgetown declaring PNC won.
    then we hear PPP asked for recount but PNC threatened violence thereby PPP called off that recount.
    Guyanese just had a glimpse of whats to come from PNC at PNC congress in electing their leader.
    i also read about some of the opposition PPP is stacked against:
    Here are a few of PPP opposition starting with PNC AFC Stabroeks news Kaieteur News US UK OAS CARICOM GUYANA POLICE force Guyana armed forces Blue Caps Red Thread Guyana Judiciary Guyana Bar Association
    This many opposition to PPP, does it have a chance ?


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