Early 2016 budget could create implementation crisis – PPP

PPP Parliamentarians, Irfaan Ali and Gail Teixeira

By Jomo Paul

PPP Parliamentarians, Irfaan Ali and Gail Teixeira
PPP Parliamentarians, Irfaan Ali and Gail Teixeira

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Should the government proceed with a plan to present Budget 2016 in the National Assembly in January 2016, there could be a possible implementation crisis.

This is according to People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentarian, Irfaan Ali, who told a news conference at Freedom House on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 that the APNU+AFC government is attempting to spend its way out of a crisis.

The former government Minister scolded the administration over an apparent “sloth” in the implementation of projects. He made it clear that the government is not doing enough to address the current concerns of the economy.

Ali indicated that while the half year financial report showed definite slowdown in the economy, that situation has since deteriorated.

“Outside Georgetown… If you take a drive outside the other regions you would see there is not much going on,” said the Parliamentarian.

Asked about an early budget to solve the economic woes, Ali pointed out that from all indications the 2015 Budget has not been fully implemented. He told reporters that this is in part due to the fact that the Budget was presented in early August.

However, he indicated that if the budget is brought before the House in January and the 2015 budget is not fully implemented there will be a “crisis of implementation.”



  1. Emile_Mervin I am not surprised with your feedbacks. You will say anything to defend this Defacto Administration. The 2015 budget was late due to the change in government. I am pretty sure that many projects are still to be executed under the 2015 budget.Why retable under the new budget?. They should do the right thing and present the 2016 budget by early July.

  2. So sad you think that way my brother. However, it doesn’t take 6 months to destroy an economy compare to 23 years of dictatorship rule by the PPP.

    However, get you facts correct before you publicly air out your notorious mind set/ or way of seeing things.

    Guyana’s economy was being filed by drugs and money laundering.
    it is time we do things the right way. continuous drugs bust and investment in engineering, science and technology. the state is not looking at sugar. sugar is dead. sorry if you missed it in the news earlier.

    so working on sending your children to school and not think about giving them a cane cutting job.

  3. The PNC Regime has killed Guyana Economy and people are refusing to accept the facts. Since these fools took office, all they have been doing is taking loans everywhere. These ministers has no economics skills or attributes to create revenue. This is exactly what Burhnam did in the 80s forcing Guyana into Bankruptcy and the dollar value had to be degraded….Granger and companies are of no difference. You speak to anyone in Guyana…all you hear is “Business is dead”….It is dead because these morons decided to cut all their trade partners such as Suriname and Venezuela and suck into the ABC countries dictatorship mentality. The ABC countries will NOT trade sugar and Rice with Guyana because they already have alternative sources for these supply….What the ABC countries will do is provide loans, kill the economy and create crime spree…..forcing the dollar value down and buy oil at a cheaper price! Has anyone smell the beans that Guyana is heading under the atlantic with Granger and naga as their leaders….

  4. It boggles the mind that these PPP ex ministers who had years to implement the policies that meant anything to the Guyanese populace didn’t and now tries to criticize an Administration of 6 months of not doing what they the PPP could not do in 23 years, although it Ali no time to build a mansion on his minister’s salary. Go Figure.

  5. The issue here is that if the government will continue to increase its expenditure to boost aggregate demand, perfect “crowding out effect” will occur. In other words, private investment will reduce, hence having little or no effect on income level. What the Gov should propelled at this moment, is to resuscitate private investment. The 2015 budget is fairly young, and I’m sure a lot of projects are yet to be implemented. How the Gov can boost private investment? Simple, implement quantitative easing! By reducing interest rates, along with the present gov expenditure will boost aggregate demand causing our income level to increase. The only scenario in which the Gov can spend its way out of a crisis ,is if we are caught in a “liquidity trap”, for which I’m sure we are not part of “as yet”.

  6. The asininity continues, and is evidence of what the P.P.P. is all about. Order and efficiency is foreign to the corrupt and foolish. the old saying ” the early bird catches the worm, would be a starting point for educating babblers of what good governance is all about. Opposing for the sake of opposing and not having been able to do what is right and beneficial for the nation is the disqualification that eliminates the P.P.P. from making any judgmental announcements about the current administration.To them it should be shouted out, P.P.P. shut up and sit down.

  7. I have never heard of an early Budget leading to an implementation crisis. A late Budget, yes.
    If there are projects catered for in the 2015 Budget but which were not executed before the presentation of the 2016 Budget, then those projects will be re-tabled. It is not like under the PPP where projects were budgeted for but never executed or were poorly executed and unfinished and all the money was spent but cannot be accounted for.
    Rohee conducts asinine press briefs, but Gail and Irfaan just caught up with him.
    Irfaan should sell the people’s mansion with pool and pump that money back into the formal economy. Gail is a high maintenance political waste who allowed a little boy to make her look stupid when he demoted her from Home Affairs Minister to now a babbling mouthpiece.


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