NA man with gunshot wound in face remains hospitalized

Deon Primus
Deon Primus
Deon Primus

[] – The New Amsterdam man, who was shot to his face by gun totting bandits, remains a patient at the New Amsterdam hospital.

Thirty – eight – year – old Deon Primus was shot to his left jaw as he was in the process of parking his canter truck into his Lot 3-38 Stanleytown yard at about 19:20 hrs on Monday, November 23.

iNews understands that no arrest has been made as yet but police are searching for two persons. Primus is a petroleum dealer and would normally supply fuel to residents on the Berbice River. Police said that Primus of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, was driving a motor vehicle along a road at Stanleytown, when he was attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

During the incident, he was shot to his jaw and the men escaped on a bicycle. He has been admitted to hospital as the investigations continue. A resident of the area told iNews that it is normal for Primus to return home around the time of the shooting.

According to the resident, after he heard the gun shot, he ran out of his house to see what has happened, when he observed a “short dark skin slim person” who approached the driver. The resident said he then raised an alarm and the man ran away.

Primus was rushed to the hospital where he received emergency medical attention. The bandits did not get to cart off with any valuables.




  1. All race matters, we are all human beings, red blood run through our veins. We are being caught up in race hatred that was not started by guyanese. If we would go to the library and seek out certain books. We would love our fellow Guyanese . I read a book 10 years ago that made me into the person I am today. I hope these bandits are caught soon. We are so full of hate that we even start blaming the PPP for the crime that is being committed.


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