Dynamic Airways accused of ditching second batch flight attendants


10384455_10152363565416716_722351274259964973_n[www.inewsguyana.com] – Dynamic Airways yesterday (Sunday, January 4), introduced 25 newly trained Guyanese flight attendants who will serve the Georgetown, Guyana – New York route.

But even as Dynamic Airways boasts of its new line up of 25 new Guyanese flight attendants there are reports of 25 more Guyanese scattered across Guyana “watching on inopportunely.”

One Guyanese, who opted to remain anonymous, in a letter to the editor said they feel disappointed and betrayed. “Disappointment and betrayal because they too were promised flight attendant jobs by the American airline after they were successful at job interviews and passed illegal substance tests conducted by Dynamic Airways in June of 2014,” the letter stated.

Since then, the overall total of the then 50 potential flight attendants were reportedly told that they would have to undergo rigorous whole-day training before they claim the title of ‘flight attendant’. “As such, being given the assurance that everyone will get to go through the training, many persons who were currently employed, resigned from their jobs to dedicate themselves to the all day training.”

The second half of the group was told to that they will commence training soon after the first session is completed, the writer claims.

“As a Guyanese and victim of this incident, I believe it is atrocious for the company to have had persons waiting indefinitely, even after giving up their sources of income – their fixed jobs.  Additionally, this is not the first time an airline has had Guyanese waiting to become flight attendants without having their hopes or dreams materialized. The first was Travel Span, which also had a batch of 25 Guyanese waiting to be trained and if successful, be employed by the company. The only difference however, is that they received a formal and official correspondence from Travel Span.

Nevertheless, I believe it is downright unacceptable for Dynamic Airways to have interfered with people’s livelihoods by offering them jobs and not fulfilling their promise. Because of them, many persons are now left to go on a job hunt for the New Year, as they try to overcome their dreams of becoming flight attendants with Dynamic Airways, now dubbed the ‘troubled’ airline.”

Captain Gerald ‘Gerry’ Gouveia
Captain Gerald ‘Gerry’ Gouveia

When contacted by iNews, Head of Roraima Airways, Captain Gerry Gouveia and local representative for the airline clarified that persons were indeed shortlisted.

He claimed “they were told that if they are selected for training they will be contacted.”

He said too that all persons were told to stay in their jobs since employment is only assured after you are called and “you qualify by USA embassy for a visa, you endure and complete the required training and you pass the FAA examinations.” 

Gouveia maintains that every person equally was told the same information.









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