Duo denies breaking and entering residence


Two youth appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore to answer the charge of Break and Enter. Eighteen – year – old Jonathan Ramcharran and 17 – year – old Ronald Saunder are both from Da Silva Street, Newtown Kitty.

The pleaded not guilty to the offence, which stated that on April 29 in Georgetown they broke and entered the Virtual Complainant’s home and stole a quantity of articles totaling $215,000.

Both accused were represented by Attorney- at-Law Paul Fung A Fat, who told the court that his clients and the Virtual Complainant did not want to proceed with the matter and that his clients are willing to compensate the Virtual Complainant for the stolen articles.

The Complainant was paid $215,000 in court and the matter was dismissed. [Royan Abrams]